Reading Group on Research in Mind, Brain, and Education





This reading group aims to gain an in-depth understanding of topics related to current research in the Mind, Brain, and Education field. The format of the group will be workshop-based, with every session as a stand-alone unit. Students will read one or two articles on a specific topic in preparation for in-class discussion. It is recommended that students watch lectures (synchronously or recordings) presented as part of the MBE seminar, HT117, to complement the in-class reading-group discussions. Students will present on relevant topics throughout the semester.

Mind, Brain and Education: Research Methods and Critical Topics





The seminar’s overall goal is to help students think critically about research methodology and be better-informed consumers of scientific findings as they bear on issues of practice and policy in the context of MBE. Five methodological domains will be addressed in the course: Clinical/educational, Experimental, Neuroimaging, Qualitative, and Computational.

The course will consist of three parts: 1) Monthly lectures by prominent researchers who utilize these methods in their research;  2) Monthly deeper-dive lectures and class-discussions to address the challenges and...

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