Update 1: 

I became a research fellow to Dr. Alejandro Diaz at the Washko Lab at the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at BWH on November 2020.


Original statement:

I am a physician with training in clinical trials and epidemiology, interested in population health and communicable diseases. As a postdoctoral research fellow I develop clinical trials at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute under mentorship of Dr. Francisco Marty. My focus is conducting phase IIb and III trials for novel antifungals and antivirals that prevent and/or treat invasive fungal diseases and CMV infection, respectively. My study population is bone marrow transplant and solid organ transplant recipients. Under supervision of Dr. Alejandro Diaz, I’m a teaching assistant of the Advanced Medical Spanish course at Harvard Medical School.

At Harvard I co-founded and I’m the vice-president of internal operations at the Harvard Venezuelan Association, which connects and promotes Venezuelans and their culture at all academic levels throughout the university. With support from this platform I launched the Delta Forum, an international physician association that aims to foster Warao indigenous health in Delta Amacuro State through scientific collaboration and strengthening of local health systems. In the same year I founded and currently direct Buena Esperanza Trust, a grant-issuing foundation that advances the quality of medical education and training in Venezuela.

You can find my CV here

My background:

During my medical training I gained understanding of clinical research under the mentorship of Dr. Eduardo Romero, and built my teaching skills as a teaching assistant in the Department of Pharmacology. My clinical education comes from hands-on care of patients with complicated, flourished diseases in national reference hospitals only. In 2014 I co-founded and was chief of human resources at Primeros Auxilios UCV, a humanitarian organization that provides urgent care to victims of social commotion and natural disasters which was key in caring for protestors abused by the National Guard of Venezuela in 2014 and 2017. 

I led epidemiological research and clinical care at a local health center in Delta Amacuro State for two months in 2015. Under mentorship of Dr. Jacobus de Waard and Dr. Berenice del Nogal, I studied and revealed the terrible 5-year mortality rate of tuberculosis among the Warao indigenous tribe; this was awarded by the national conference of the Venezuelan Society of Internal Medicine for its scientific quality and for countering the human rights violation that the Ministry of Health of Venezuela incurred in by systematically hiding health statistics.  

Professional practice includes leading healthcare teams in 10+ rural health centers with championship against mosquito-borne diseases in the State of Miranda, under guidance of Dr. Enrique Montbrun, and an externship in a top-tier HIV clinic under supervision of Dr. Martin Carballo.

I understand how the interactions among healthcare systems and societal backgrounds can undermine or boost the effectiveness of health delivery, and are able to create big, unfair burdens of disease on populations. In 2016 I founded Moriche, a social enterprise that fights social determinants of health among the Warao through broadening their access to virtuous sources of income amid an established vicious job market that poses high risk of STDs and trauma. 

My exacerbated interest in seeing medicine from all clinical, educational, and public health standpoints has made me system-conscious and drives my thinking process. I further studied clinical and epidemiological research at the GCSRT at Harvard Medical School and became an Instructor at the Department of Public Health at Universidad Central de Venezuela, where I taught several sections and courses, mentored more than a dozen students in their theses, and kept longstanding friendships with former students, workers, and faculty.