Oren's research interests lie primarily in administrative law and constitutional law. In his work, he aims to contribute to ongoing scholarly debates at the frontiers of public law, including debates about the role and function of constitutional norms and conventions, the often “uncomfortable” place of chief executives and bureaucracies in the modern administrative state, and the position of law and public institutions in what many believe is the current age of constitutional crisis or democratic decline. Oren's reserach employs various lenses to investigate these issues, such as historical, political, and conceptual. In addition, he is frequently drawn to leverage his knowledge of other legal systems and has developed interest in both comparative constitutional law and comparative administrative law. 

Oren earned his Bachelor’s degree (LL.B.) in Law at the Hebrew University (magna cum laude). Prior to his doctorate studies, Oren clerked for Justice Esther Hayut, the Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court, and worked at the Office of Legal Counsel & Legislative Affairs in Israel's Department of Justice. He completed his LL.M. studies at Harvard Law School in 2015 and is currently completing his doctoral studies (S.J.D.).