I graduated Harvard College in 2020 with a B.A. degree with High Honors in Psychology. At Harvard, I lived in Eliot House.


Post graduation, I am working as the Executive Director of Shamiri Institute—a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop and dessiminate evidence-based mental health interventions to at risk youths in low-income regions such as countries in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). You can read about my transition to Shamiri here. Besides this, I continue to conduct research as a collaborator with Prof. John Weisz at the Laboratory for Youth Mental Health and Prof. Fiery Cushman at the Moral Psychology Research Lab (both Department of Psychology, Harvard University).


My research draws from the idea that psychological theory from diverse perspectives can help us understand and improve the human experience. I research how experimental psychology theory can help us better understand our world and inspire us to develop impactful evidence-based interventions for everyday people, especially young people in SSA countries like Kenya where I was born and raised. 


Currently, I am working with Prof. Weisz on low-cost stigma-free mental health interventions (see here) and with Prof. Cushman on social learning mechanisms in decision-making tasks (see here).