2019-20 Academic Year


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Africa, Globalization and the Muslim Worlds


Conference organized by The Alwaleed Professorship of Contemporary Islamic Religion and Society at Harvard Divinity School and The Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA) at Northwestern University.

 Harvard Divinity School, September 19-21, 2019


Scholarship on globalization of Islamic Africa has been focused either on merely describing (if not romanticizing) African Muslims’ experiences abroad, on one hand, or on exploring how Muslim societies in Africa are affected by global Islamic trends, on the other hand. Little attention has been paid to the ways in which Islam and what it means to be African and Muslim have been and are being negotiated at the intersection of local, regional and global encounters, narratives, perceptions and exchanges.

Questions that we seek to investigate include but are not limited to: How to account for the dynamics of continuity and change in forms of Islamic piety, authority and knowledge production in Africa, in a context of increased global connections? How do African Muslims articulate their religious life in a globalized world? For African Muslims in the diaspora, how do religious links with their homelands shape their relationship to Islam? How do diasporic religious or non-religious experiences affect or alter aspects of lived Islam in Africa? To what extent has the interaction between the so-called Muslim world and Africa shaped Islamic practices and thought or the perception of the so-called Umma? What role does pilgrimage play in connecting African Muslims with other Muslims from distant lands? How do African Muslims navigate notions of Africa and Islam, faith, foreignness and modernity in a globalized world?

This conference will be organized around six panels. The first panel will address the long presence of African Muslims in the Americas. The second, third and fifth panel will deal with transnational Islam, and the sixth panel with emerging paradigms in the study of Islam in Africa. In addition, the conference will bring a group of young Muslim artists called Baraka Boys for a roundtable (fourth panel) followed by a musical performance.

 A PDF copy of the program can be found  here.


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The Baraka Boys

The Baraka Boys are a collection of young Muslim influencers, artists and creatives, who have gained a significant following on social media platforms through their YouTube video series and podcast which deals with issues facing the Muslim community, and their representation of the contemporary lifestyle of Muslim millennials and all the intricacy that is involved when faith and culture meet modernity to form what has become known to be a 'third-culture'.

Momodou Taal is a law graduate from the United Kingdom who, after attaining his LLB from the University of East Anglia whilst traveling to Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania in the summers to benefit from scholars and studying intensively in his spare time in the UK, began studying Islamic jurisprudence and other preliminary Islamic sciences full time at the prestigious Al-Azhar in Egypt. Momodou has a particular focus in tackling contemporary issues that relate to young Muslims in the modern world and has founded the Muslim Millennials initiative which aims to be the main creative platform in the UK that exhibits Muslim Millennial culture through top quality media, documentaries, and annual forums and conferences.

Fahd Rehman is 24 years old and resides in Birmingham, UK. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham with a degree in Education Studies and is currently on a full-time Alim program at Hassanat College where he is studying all of the major Islamic Sciences and the Arabic Language. He is well known amongst the Muslim Youth in the UK through his social media presence and his being a radio personality who hosts a podcast for the BBC Asian Network where he regularly discusses topics surrounding the Muslim Asian male experience, including mental health and emotional issues and their intersection with culture and faith. Fahd Rehman is a co-founder and the Executive Director of The Cave, a community organization in the UK that aims to promote unity, tolerance, love, and peace amongst the Muslim community. Through The Cave, He along with his team organize workshops for children, gatherings which involve performances from local artists and lectures by local and international scholars, as well as basic Islamic studies classes for adults, a movie club and a youth sports club every month for the community without charge And are scheduled to open a Quran school for children by the end of 2019.

Mohammed Yahya is an award-winning bilingual Rapper, Poet, Educator & Events organizer. He has performed extensively across the UK, Europe, United States, Mexico & throughout Africa sharing his experience as a refugee and encouraging different communities to build bridges of peace and understanding. He recently received the 21-4-21 award which recognized him for being one of 21 young leaders in the 21st century who is working to increase dialogue and break down barriers between different communities. Mohammed Yahya’s work has been featured on ITV News, Al Jazeera, British Muslim TV, BBC Asian Network, BBC London, Islam Channel, just to name a few as well as TV channels across the U.K, Mozambique, France, Senegal & Mexico.


Khaled Siddiq is one of the most recognized Muslim artists across the globe. A Youtuber, singer-songwriter and rapper, he combines an array of skills into his portfolio making him one of the most diverse and talented Muslims today. A proud Muslim of Jamaican, English and Irish heritage, he performs internationally and has been invited to perform at prestigious universities like Yale and Oxford. He believes providing others with music which serves a higher purpose and removing misconceptions about his faith has always been his calling.

Faisal Salah is a multi-talented, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter-beatboxer who can best be described as a walking jam session. Faisal has the gift of freestyle musical expression and He has toured all over the world working not only as a singer but as a facilitator for art therapy. Love is his life language!

and Mustafa Briggs, a graduate of Arabic and International Relations from the University of Westminster whose dissertation focused on Arabic Literature and Literacy in West Africa. Mustafa started an MA in Translation at SOAS, University of London with a specialization in Arabic and Islamic Texts, before moving to Cairo, Egypt where he is currently pursing Islamic Studies and Arabic. Mustafa rose to international acclaim for his ‘Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam’ lecture series which saw him explore and uncover the deep routed relationship between Islam and Black History; and the legacy of contemporary African Islamic Scholarship and its role in the International Relations of the Muslim World as well as the vital role Female Scholarship plays in the West African Islamic Tradition, which he presented at over 40 Universities across the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale.