HDS 3171: Spiritual Cultivation in Islam Part I: The Classical Era HDS 3171






This course, as part of the new HDS Initiative on Islamic Spiritual Life and Service, is intended for students preparing for vocation in a variety of settings in which they will provide Islamically-inspired service and support. The course will acquaint students with Islamic pedagogy and practice on spiritual cultivation, highlighting the foundational importance of spiritual-ethical virtues in Islamic piety and the lifelong quest for nearness to and knowledge of God. In addition it will:
• explore ways in which spiritual-ethical cultivation has been fostered holistically in the lived devotion of Muslim communities across time, place, and culture, including in various manifestations of the Islamic science of Sufism (taṣawwuf) and its traditional integration within educational and religious life and institutions, with attention to topics such as spiritual mentorship, spiritual training (tarbiya), spiritual companionship, oral tradition and transmission, devotional arts, and the creation of spaces for spiritual connection and service across religious, cultural, and social differences
• engage the students in experiential-learning exercises to deepen their understanding of relevant concepts and practices
• invite students to reflect upon what they are learning in relation to:
♦ their personal development, faith perspectives, and spiritual, ethical, intellectual, and vocational formation
♦ the Islamically-inspired service they will provide within and beyond Muslim communities
♦ ways to support their own and others' growth in this pursuit
♦ language and approaches for engaging varied audiences with this topic and pursuit in their respective settings