2020 Spring

Ec10B: Principles of Economics

Expos 20: The Art of Shock

Hist1433: History of American Populisms

HEB1337: Coexistance in Crisis, How Animals Made us Human

2019 Fall

ECON 10A: Principles of Economics

LPS A: Foundational Chem and Biology

MATH MA: Intro to Functions & Calculus I

FRSEMR 50Z: CRISPR Genome Editing




Harvard College Effective Altruism Chapter: Arete Fellow, Pledge-to-Give Team Board Member

Harvard College Alexander Hamilton Society: Board Member

Institue of Politics: Women's Initaive in Leadership 

Harvard College Episcopal Chaplaincy

Harvard College Sport Shooting Team

Harvard College Constitutional Law Society

Harvard International Review: Writer

Kali Praxi