Ec 2610  Industrial Organization I   [Fall 2017 - Course]
Meeting Time: Monday, Wednesday 1:00am -  2:30pm
Location: Littauer, North Yard, Room M-16
Course Description: Applied work in industrial organization. Static analysis (theory, estimation): demand systems, cost functions (adverse selection, moral hazard, productivity), and game theoretic concepts of equilibrium in different types of markets. Dynamic analysis (theory, computation, estimation): single agent problems, dynamic games and their application.


ECON 2612: Advanced Topics in Industrial Organization   [Fall 2017 - Course]
Meeting Time: Wednesday 11:30-14:29
Location:  CGIS, North, Room 202
Course Description: This course will cover both theoretical and econometric tools that are being used to explore more appropriate ways of analyzing market outcomes.  Examples of theoretical topics may include: consumer search, advertising, dynamic models of collusion and pricing, and bargaining in vertical markets.  Examples of econometric topics may include: simulation, semi-parametric, and moment inequalities in relation to problems that arise in industrial organization applications (e.g., entry, product repositioning, transition dynamics, and decision making with computational constraints).


Ec 2640   Research in Industrial Organization    [2017-2018 - Graduate Research Meeting]
Meeting Time: Wednesday 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Location:  Littauer, North Yard, Room M-16
Course Description: Participants present their own research in progress in an informal setting. Open to doctoral students in economics who have passed their general examinations and are in the early stages of their dissertations.


Ec 3650hfb  Industrial Organization Workshop   [2017-2018 - Seminar]
Meeting Time: Monday 2:30-4:00pm
Location: Littauer, North Yard, Room M-16
Course Description:  Invited scholars from other institutions present current research in the field in a seminar setting.