Meet the Team


Divita Pandita - President

Divita prof pic

Divita is currently a senior at U.C. Berkeley studying neurobiology, public health, and education. As of now, she dedicates her time towards making the healthcare system more accessible to underserved populations by one, running a nonprofit known as the Blood Pressure Project, (which primarily provides free blood pressure screenings, education about heart health, and connection to primary care ), and two, working in educational environments to make STEM more accessible to minority students. She is so excited to see where P2TP goes, and hopes you all will join P2TP in its mission to bring credible, intellectual conversations to as many communities as possible!

Tanish Sathish- VP of Public Relations

Tanish photo

Tanish Sathish is a sophomore at Irvington High School. He aspires to pursue a career in the medical field as a cardiac surgeon and has a great interest in biology. He is a student researcher with a background in biochemistry and biology and an advocate for COVID-19 and awareness. As the President of his school's Biomedical Engineering Club he expresses his passion for all things STEM and participates in a variety of clubs such as Debate and DECA. In his free time, Tanish loves to bike, watch movies, and hang out with his friends!

Maria Richards - President



Maria Richards graduated as a Valedictorian from Mira Loma high school with an IB Diploma and is now a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying economics. She is an accomplished debater, having won major competitions and being selected for the Tournament of Champions. At Berkeley, she pursues her interests in business and current events by being an writer for the The Daily Californian and Marketing Director of a non-profit (TasselLink).


Leena Zaiden - VP of Ambassadors (West Coast)

Leena photo

Leena Zeidan is a senior at UC Berkeley double majoring in Political Science and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations. She graduated Campolindo High School at the age of 15. She also graduated with honors and an Associates Degree in Political Science from Diablo Valley College at the age of 18. Leena is a dual citizen and is passionate about advocating for civil rights in the Middle East. Currently, Leena is dedicated to pursuing a career in law.

Michelle Ahn- Member of Tech Team

Michelle photo

Michelle Ahn is an undergraduate student attending Columbia Engineering. She has previous research experience in cryptography and AI and plans to pursue computer engineering in the future. She is also interested in the medical field and enjoys reading upon relevant topics. Nonacademically, she loves to play sports, solve puzzles, and watch movies and musicals.

Lucas Chu - Founder & Secretary

Lucas Chu

Lucas is a German-born Taiwanese sophomore studying economics and statistics at Harvard. Over the summer, Lucas founded Erevna. In the fall, he'll be working with the Census Bureau, the metaLAB @ Harvard, and Opportunity Insights, where he helped write a paper covered on the front page of the New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR. In his free time, he loves making card games, playing board games, meeting new people, nonprofits, tutoring, 3D printing, and origami.

Camden Lee - VP of Ambassadors (East Coast)

Camden photo

Camden Lee is a sophomore attending Columbia College at Columbia University who plans to double major in neuroscience and sociology. Before joining Panel to the People, he had founded and led two different research organizations and was also recognized by NASA as a collegiate winner for an agricultural technology competition. Passionate about technology, Camden is also fascinated in the fields of artificial intelligence and cognitive science. In his spare time, he enjoys sketching cityscapes, playing the cello, creating 3D models, and learning new languages (picking up a fifth as of now).


Fawziyah Laguide - Director of Ambassadors (UC Berkeley)

Fawziyah photo

Fawziyah is a sophomore at UCB, and Political Science Major. She is on the Pre-Law track as well. She grew up in Pittsburg, California.

Elizabeth Lee - Director of Ambassadors (Johns Hopkins)



Princeton (PJ) Huang - Director of Ambassadors (Columbia)

PJ photo

Princeton Huang is an incoming sophomore at Columbia University who plans to major in Economics-Political Science. As an avid car enthusiast, he has worked to bridge his scholarly and personal passions through his founding of PJ's Car Bonanza, a client-focused automotive consulting and brokering service. Beyond his primary academic interest, he is also a polyglot who has won awards for his achievements in Chinese, German, and French. Princeton joined the Panel to the People team out of his love for helping others in unique ways, and hopes to bolster outreach for and engagement with this forward-thinking organization.

Buddy Noorlander - Director of Ambassadors (Stanford)

buddy photo

Buddy Noorlander is a freshman at Stanford University and a producer for Virtual Crown Productions. As president of his Speech and Debate club he reached nationals on multiple occasions. He also served a two year mission in Costa Rica for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and speaks fluent Spanish. Other accomplishments include being Editor-in-Chief of the Echo (his high school paper) from freshman to senior year, president of Book Club, and Senior Patrol Leader in his local scout troop. He's interested in history, international relations, literature, geography and netflix. He can make a great breadsticks, good sandwich wraps, and mediocre rice. He can also whistle with his tongue.

Emmy Cho - Director of Ambassadors (Harvard)

Emmy photo

Emily "Emmy" Cho is an incoming freshman at Harvard University with a keen interest in Economics and Philosophy. Emmy is passionate about democratizing the truth, whether that be about the state of our nation or global affairs, particularly in times of crisis. She hopes that Panel to the People can provide valuable information and insight to a diversity of people, not just those belonging to higher education. Outside the classroom, Emmy is an instant ramen and cinema aficionado. You can reach her at

Jenny Na - Director of Ambassadors (Princeton)

Jenny photo

Jenny is a freshman at Princeton University planning to concentrate in Economics. Having served as an intern at the office of Korea’s Minister of Gender Equality and Family, she is passionate about effective leadership and youth-led social change. As a debater featured on live national television for her accomplishments, she also strongly advocates for facilitating a safe space for open and constructive dialogue. She seeks to explore how technology intersects and advances in conjunction with society to address pressing global issues.

Melanie Morales Aquino - Director of Ambassadors (Brown)

Melanie photo

Melanie is a sophomore at Brown University concentrating in Health and Human Biology and on the pre-med track. She aspires to become a pediatrician and work an underserved area. She is passionate about the medical field and immigrant justice. One of her research projects over the summer was on non-CMV viral infection among immunocompromised patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. She is also enrolled in the Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice Law & Immigration Training Program where she will represent asylum seekers and immigrants upon completion.

Eddie Kong - Director of Ambassadors (Duke)

Eddie photo

Eddie is a sophomore at Duke University, looking to major in CS and Statistical Science. During high school, Eddie developed his passion for social entrepreneurship through co-founding a startup and running a sustainability project on campus. Last summer, he had the opportunity to become a part of Schneider Electric's Virtual Student Experience program where he explored the intersection of conservation and technology. He is also an avid Manchester United fan and is happy to talk about all things related to soccer.

Gyuri Hwang - Director of Ambassadors (Dartmouth)

gyro photo

Gyuri is currently a sophomore at Dartmouth studying CS. She was passionate about biology and chemistry during high school, so she conducted three pieces of research in the past on various topics, such as eye disease, enzyme, and bacteria. However, the CS intro class that she took in her freshman year changed her pursuit. She is also passionate about music and has been part of many musical groups and organizations in the past. She still enjoys playing flute in college. During her leisure time, she loves to dance, play sports, especially volleyball, and spend time with her dog.

Jason Lee - Director of Ambassadors (Cornell)

Jason photo

Jason is a junior at Cornell University double-majoring in Biometry and Statistics and Computational Biology. His main interest revolves around the biomedical industry and society and therefore has plentiful experiences as a researcher, as a volunteer health interpreter, and as a shadowing volunteer. These experiences, which include connecting with Korean doctors and its medical academia, interpreting for Korean patients in California, and communicating with patients in Mongolia, allowed him to interact with a wide range of people and acquire a global mindset. In his free time, Jason likes to watch and play ice hockey, work out, analyze sports games, watch movies, and listen to music.

Yoona Lee - Director of Ambassadors (CMU)

Yoona photo

Yoona is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Although she was born in Germany, she grew up in England, Korea, and the US. She enjoys public speaking as she graduated high school as the Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) Forensics Speech Duo Acting Champion of 2019. Over the summer, she participated as a Medical Impact researcher of the CMU COVID-19 Innovation Project and designed an application called "Fonebook" which aids older adults with the additional struggles that came with COVID-19. 

Seren Tochikura - Director of Ambassadors (UC Santa Barbara)

seren photo

Seren is a junior at University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a Biology major and is also double-minoring in German and Japanese. He is of Japanese and Chinese descent and speaks 4 languages, Japanese, German, Mandarin Chinese, and English. He works as a Division 1 Athletic Trainer for the various UCSB athletics teams. He is also a certified EMT. In the future, he aspires to become an doctor and pursue a career in surgery or anesthesiology. In his free time, he likes to spend time with friends, play sports or enjoy the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Haoran Zhu - Director of Ambassadors (University of Chicago)

Haoran photo

Haoran is an economics major at the University of Chicago. From Beijing, he came to the U.S. for an education when he was thirteen by himself. He excelled at Sandy Spring Friends School, where he was not only rewarded by the State of Maryland for academic achievement, but was also recognized through the Congressional Award for community service. Haoran founded an organization managing a portion of his high school endowment and spoke as commencement speaker on behalf of the Class of 2018 at Sandy Spring Friends. He also attended Emory University where he held leadership position at the Goizueta Investment Management Group and served on the executive board of Emory Economics Student Society.


Angela Ahn- Columbia Ambassador

Angela photo

Angela Ahn is a freshman at Columbia College who plans to major in Economics. She loves to play and listen to music, especially musical theatre and classical voice, watch YouTube videos, and converse about gender equality. She hopes to be a useful addition to the Panels to the People team!

Peniel Takele - UC Berkeley Ambassador

peniel photo

Peniel Takele is a senior at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. She spent her time during quarantine enjoying light jogs near water, listening to Tame Impala, and reading autobiographies of business leaders. Aside from her studies, Peniel is a mentor for underclassmen and an active member of the venture capital community at Cal. She sees Panel to the People as a way to promote and practice healthy discourse.

Christina Taylor - UC Berkeley Ambassador

Christina photo

Christina is a sophomore and student athlete at Cal. She is from South Pasadena, CA. Christina gained volunteer experience by tutoring younger students in high school, leading and volunteering in various capacities, the latest being the Black student Orientation at Cal. Within these roles she learned many qualities including interpersonal communication and leadership skills. This past summer she gained work experience at the law office she interned at. She is a natural leader and task driven and she is looking forward to be of service and make future connections through becoming a club member.

Michelle Ahn- Member of Tech Team

Michelle photo

Michelle Ahn is an undergraduate student attending Columbia Engineering. She has previous research experience in cryptography and AI and plans to pursue computer engineering in the future. She is also interested in the medical field and enjoys reading upon relevant topics. Nonacademically, she loves to play sports, solve puzzles, and watch movies and musicals.

Winni Zheng- Georgetown Ambassador


Winni is a rising sophomore at Georgetown pursuing a major in econ on the pre-med track. She lloves traveling, cooking/trying new foods, learning new languages, deep convos, and long runs. Her other interests include financial literacy, nonprofit work, and visual arts.

Gregorius Song - Member of Design Team

greg photo

Gregorius Song is a sophomore in Northeastern University pursuing to become a pharmacist in a 6 year PharmD program. He is interested in the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in society and how current pharmacists can come up with the vaccine for the coronavirus. His hobbies are playing the piano, listening to music, watch Youtube videos, and listening to world news.

Geena Kim- Harvard Ambassador

GeenaGeena is a rising sophomore at Harvard. She plans on majoring in chemistry with a minor in computer science. She has been spending most of quarentine gardening, baking, and learning CS on various projects.

Steve Kim- UC Berkeley Ambassador

Steve photo

Steve Sa Soung Kim is a rising Sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a double degree in Economics and Data Science, with an advanced certification from the Berkeley Charter of Professional Accountancy (BCPA). Steve hopes to experience working with communities of achievers who are willing to take on intellectual diversity and focus on being curious. Compounded the education in three distinct fields and his work at Jack Daniels, Steve aspires to walk the path towards an Investment/Finance analyst. Steve's curiosity and passion drives him to make an impact in this world; hence his involvement with Panel to the People. Steve hopes to gain formative relationships as well an opportunity to learn about diverse matters that needs to be talked about

Mandy Yuan - Member of Design Team

Mandy photo

Mandy is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Public Health on the pre-med track and pursuing a minor in Studio Art/Design. She is interested in the interdisciplinary studies of liberal arts and STEM and how this intersection can be utilized to make a valued impact in society. In her free time, she loves photography, painting, and playing tennis.

Paul Kim- Member of Design & Tech Team

Paul photo

Paul is a freshman at Northwestern University and studies industrial engineering and economics. He enjoys watching baseball games, listening to music, and taking photos.