Our Mission

As we enter into unchartered territory, in a world that is constantly changing, it’s becoming increasingly important to familiarize ourselves with current issues worldwide.

Panel to the People, an online platform that hosts discussion panels between experts on topics suggested by students, hopes to accomplish this and more. By connecting with students and experts from across the globe, it facilitates diverse discussion panels covering a variety of topics that will emphasize a global outlook on situations that impact us all.

Through the incorporation of professors, professionals, students, and industry leaders/experts, this panel will allow for greater engagement than previously had. Coming out of quarantine, the world is in an unique position with the proliferation of online platforms such as Zoom, which has given greater access and greater opportunities to collaborate than ever before. Panels involving experts with different beliefs in different fields, and conversing from different countries is a silver lining that has come out of this devastating pandemic.

Furthermore, this online interactive platform for students by students, allows for relevant content and topics to be displayed and discussed. Structured in a manner that allows for informal engagement, students will be able to ask questions beforehand that the moderator can feed to panelists, thereby catering directly to the concerns of the audience. Our platform will include multiple series relating to the Coronavirus and it’s encompassing effect on all industries, the Black Lives Matter movement, career exploratory panels, and other topics with global ramifications that are of interest to our audience. We'll have frequent polls allowing the people themselves to decide what and who they listen to. Emphasis will be placed on showing the interconnectedness of what appears to be domestic issues to globalization.

For example, panels relating to COVID-19 would include experts from multiple regions in order to discuss the responses of multiple countries. Most Americans aren't aware of how the rest of the world is grappling with the disease at the moment. Furthermore, a series on Coronavirus would have multiple panels featuring medical professionals, economists, educators, COVID-19 survivors, and experts from other fields. Bridging the scholarship of leaders in academia along with industry leaders allows for students to see the incorporation of educational principles in the workforce, which helps to decrease the disconnect between both worlds.

Panel to the People addresses issues of civic engagement by exposing students to social/economic/political issues throughout the world, emphasizing a global perspective on a wide array of issues that affects and connects us all. The emphasis placed on constructing discussions with a diverse set of panelists leads to engaging discussions that allow students to form their own opinions and hear multiple perspectives. Ultimately, Panel to the People should be used as a resource for students everywhere to keep abreast of topics that concern them, in our rapidly changing world. This is necessary as many students are grappling with processing the overflow of information and opinions in an increasingly interconnected world. At the end of the summer, students will have been exposed to discussions that have led them to ask thought-provoking questions, to expand their knowledge of current issues, and to pursue greater career exploration, as they’ve recognized that their aspirations are limitless in a world they will come to define.