Publications by Year: 2011

Patterson O. The Culture of Sports. Journal of Historical Sociology. 2011;24 (4) :549-563. The Culture of Sports [full text]

(in conversation with Alan Tomlinson and Christopher Young)

Patterson O. Trafficking, Gender & Slavery: Past and Present, in The Legal Parameters of Slavery: Historical to the Contemporary. Harvard Law School: The Hourston Institute ; 2011. trafficking_gender_slavery_12_20_11_cambria__autosaved_.pdf

Revised version.

Patterson O. The Post-Black Condition. The New York Times. 2011. The Post-Black Condition [full text]

A book review of "Who's Afraid of Post Blackness? What it Means to be Black Now." by Touré.

Patterson O. Freedom and 9/11. Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. 2011;Summer 2011 (21). Freedom and 9/11 [full text]