I am a clincial science PhD candidate at Harvard University and will be completing my degree in August of 2019. I completed my doctoral work in the  Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab under the direction of Samuel Gershman, PhD. As a cognitive neuroscientist I investigate human behavior and its breakdown in mental illness. The way we do this is by viewing the human brain as a computational organ that can be described with mathematical models, and observing how the mechanics of these models are disrupted in psychopathology. 

During graduate school, I completed clinical training with McLean Hospital | Harvard Medical School at the Gunderson Residence - a residential treament for individuals with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. I have continued specializing in the treatment of personality disorders during my predoctoral internship at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System. My postdoctoral fellowship will begin in August 2019 at the Chicago DBT Institute - one of twelve programs in the country that is board certified to adminster dialectical behavior therapy. This is the leading scientifically-based therapy for the treatment of suicidality, problems with emotion regulation, self-injury, and multiple hospitilizations or treatment failures.