Oct 2012 Short movie on milk now available in French and German

Thanks to my collaborator in France (Yannick Mahé), our short movie on the evolution of milk drinking with professors Sarah Tishkoff and Joachim Burger is now also available in German and in French. If you visit our Evolution of Life youtube channel, you will find our other movies in English, German and French. Some of them even have Spanish and Romanian subtitles. Enjoy!

April 2012: movie on lactase persistance published: Good Milk / Bad Milk

We have just published the last short movie of the Evolution-of-Life project. The movie shows what Joachim Burger (University of Mainz) and Sarah Tishkoff (University of Pennsylvania) have discovered about milk and why some people can digest milk whereas others can't. The movie is available in English, with German or French subtitles. 

Many people contributed to movie: Robert Sigl, Bernhard Rübe, Brant Backlund, Marion Hartl, Lawrence Martin, Kerstin Feurle, Anna Jreisat, Seiji Nair, Paul Darling, Alan Cooper, Jeremy Austin.

Other parts of the project, such as the teaching materials and the simulations are still being developed. Have a look! http://www.evolution-of-life.com/

Evolution of Life Film Project

Together with Yannick Mahe, Marion Hartl, Brant Backlund, Robert Sigl, Lawrence Martin and many scientists, I am involved in a very cool film project in which we make short movies about evolutionary biology and researchers in this field. The project is sponsored by a grant of the VolkswagenFoundation with Yannick and myself as PI's. Whenever a movie is ready and available in English, French and German, we publish it on our website. To see the movies on youtube, see here.

In April 2010, the movie about Santiago Elena and his experiment with the Tobacco virus (see here) won the prize for best Educational videos for the web at the "Vedere la Scienza Festival 2010".

The project won the prize for best European collaboration at the MEDEA Awards 2010. The MEDEA Awards competition is all about recognising, encouraging and rewarding excellence and creativity in media in education. The Medea organization made a short documentary  about our project, based on an interview with Yannick. It can be seen on YouTube