My research focuses education policy in low- and middle- income countries, particularly focusing on language policies and learning in the early years of formal school. I am particularly interested in the multi-dimensional set of factors that influence both policy decisions and their implementation. I am also interested in quantitative research methods, and educational measurement, specifically focusing on literacy acquisition in non-dominant languages. Other research intrests include language learning and recognition in the USA, public-private partnerships in education, and youth cultural competencies. 

Journal Articles

de Galbert, P.G.; Woogen, E. (2021). Barriers toward equity: Recognizing biliteracy of all students in Minnesota. Foreign Language Annals. 

Barrera-Osorio, F.; de Galbert, P.G.; Habyarimana, J.P.; Sabarwal, S. (2020). Impact of public-private partnerships on private school performance : evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Uganda. Economic Development and Cultural Change DOI: 10.1086/701229

de Galbert, P.G. (2020). Language transfer theory and its policy implications: Exploring interdependence between Luganda, Runyankole-Rukiga, and English in UgandaJournal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2020.1788038

Book Chapters

de Galbert, P.G. (2021). Language-in-education policies. An analytical framework applied to Kenya and Uganda. In Benson, C. & Kosonen, K. (Eds.), Language issues in comparative education II: Policy and practice in multilingual education based on non-dominant languages. Brill.

Under Review

Dahbi, M.; de Galbert, P.G.; Qin, W.; Uccelli, P. Development and validation of a measure of intercultural fluency for adolescents.

Working Papers

Chopra V.; de Galbert, P.G.; Diazgranados, S. Academic and Socio-emotional equity in crisis-affected classrooms in Eastern Niger

de Galbert, P.G. "If you're going to keep them around, they need to pay": The Impact of a Public-Private Partnership to Expand Secondary School in Uganda.


Reports – Author

de Galbert, P.G., Rousseau, M., & Mount-Cors, M.F. (2018).  Lecture Pour Tous Senegal. EGRA CI Analysis Report

Rousseau, M., de Galbert, P.G., & Mount-Cors, M.F. (2017). Senegal EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) Baseline Report.

Brombacher, A., Collins. P., Cummiskey, C., de Galbert, P.G., Kochetkova, E., & Mulcahy-Dunn, A. (2012). Iraq Education Surveys – MAHARAT Analysis of Student Performance in Reading and Mathematics, Pedagogic Practice, and School Management.

Collins, P., de Galbert, P. G., Hartwell, A., Kochetkova, E., Mulcahy-Dunn, A., Nimbalkar, A., & Ralaingita, W. (2012). Pupil performance, pedagogic practice, and school management: An SSME pilot in Zambia. Analysis report prepared for USAID under EdData II Task Order No. EHC-E-07-04-00004-00, RTI Task 7. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA: RTI International.

Razafindramary T. & de Galbert. P. (2010). Evaluation de la requête au fonds catalytique de l’initiative de mise en œuvre accélérée de l’éducation pour tous de la Côte d’Ivoire.


Reports – Contributor

International Youth Foundation (IYF). (2011). YouthMap Senegal: Youth Assessment—The Road Ahead.

International Youth Foundation (IYF). (2011). Navigating Challenges. Charting Hope. A Cross-Sector Situational Analysis on Youth in Uganda.