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Peter K. Bol (General Editor). China Biographical Database 中國歷代傳記資料庫. In Press.Abstract

A relational database of over 300,000 men and women from Chinese history; tracing their careers, kinship, social associations, etc. 

Bol PK, Ge Jianxiong 葛剑雄. China historical GIS [electronic resource] = Zhongguo li shi di li xin xi xi tongChina historical GIS [electronic resource] = 中国历史地理信息系统. In Press :1 CD-ROM. Publisher's VersionAbstract

The China Historical Geographic Information System (CHGIS) project is a database of historical administrative units for different periods in Chinese history from 221 BCE to 1911 CE. Free for download from CHGIS.

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