May 2013

Some openscholar limitations

Openscholar is very nice and its restrictions are both limiting and helpful. They are helpful because they keep the system manageable. For example, it is not possible to duplicate posts directly. I came across this limitations when I was editing a static page and tried to create a backup copy. The only way to do that is to copy and paste which is ok. Duplications often leads to confusion. Another limitation is that there can only be one blog. One could imagine to have one blog on one topic say earthquakes, and another one on teaching. The idea with openscholar seems to be that tagging is a...

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Presentations in openscholar are a way to keep track of and publicize your presentation. There is a description, date and location of a presentation and files. The app does not allow you to actually present slides.

Where does this entry go ?

This entry was created by Add a blog entry under an already existing blog entry. The expectation is that is goes as an entry to the blog. The other, unlikely option is that the existing blog entry is treated as the "home page" for a new blog with this as the first and only entry, and a hierarchy of blogs is established.

The answer is that the first expectation was met.

About the software module (app)

The software module is really tailored towards distributing software, rather than documentation of software. It does not have hierarchical organization capability but it has a guided path to provide multiple releases of software with individual descriptions.

About static pages

Static pages do indeed offer the same formatting tools as blog entries, and have no time stamp or commenting. There can be sub-pages and perhaps sub-sub-pages for hierarchical organisation. For example there could be a main "Documentation" page with sub pages. Let's see how sub pages are connected to the main page. It turns out there can be multiple levels of hierarchy. Sub pages are connected to their parents with nice links and even to their grandparents with hierarchical, collapsible menus. There does not seem to be a way to make the columns with the sub page links wider. This may turn... Read more about About static pages

Blog entries or simple pages for documentation ?

Today I found a need to document a work-flow being developed for a very specific, technical purpose (depth conversion with gocad). In the past our group made use of a locally hosted wiki which for quick documention purposes worked well until admins changed and content was effectively lost in the transitions. Openscholar offers a variety of options to quickly create archived and versioned content such as blog entries, simple web pages which presumably offer similar formatting as blog entries but without time line and commenting, and a software module probably meant for documentation. Given... Read more about Blog entries or simple pages for documentation ?