Blog entries or simple pages for documentation ?

Today I found a need to document a work-flow being developed for a very specific, technical purpose (depth conversion with gocad). In the past our group made use of a locally hosted wiki which for quick documention purposes worked well until admins changed and content was effectively lost in the transitions. Openscholar offers a variety of options to quickly create archived and versioned content such as blog entries, simple web pages which presumably offer similar formatting as blog entries but without time line and commenting, and a software module probably meant for documentation.

Given the openscholar is being adopted more widely here, longevity if not permanency of content seems as assured as possible in this academic environment. The approach taken as a widely shared and largely automated resource is the right one and will be as good as it gets. The question remains if there will be help in migrating content to whatever web system is deployed next but this is a risk which can only be mitigated by size (of the user base) in the fast paced web world.

The main concern therefore is addressed and leaves the minor decisions of what kind of app within openscholar to use. Let's see how blog entries are listed, how simple web pages can be organized and what the software module does.