Some openscholar limitations

Openscholar is very nice and its restrictions are both limiting and helpful. They are helpful because they keep the system manageable. For example, it is not possible to duplicate posts directly. I came across this limitations when I was editing a static page and tried to create a backup copy. The only way to do that is to copy and paste which is ok. Duplications often leads to confusion. Another limitation is that there can only be one blog. One could imagine to have one blog on one topic say earthquakes, and another one on teaching. The idea with openscholar seems to be that tagging is a better way to tie together and organize content.
Another limitation is that html anchors within posts are not supported as targets for href links. That could be useful for long posts, eg. web pages. It looks as if the link is actually there but the id parameter at the target element is filtered out. The filtering only occurs at the actual serving of the page since the id parameter is preserved for the edit widget.