well data import into Gocad

basic workflow

- export in ASCII format all in one file

- first path

- then logs

- then markers


use LGCreport format out of openworks, is most comprehensive but a little hard to parse; have awk scripts to extract paths, picks and logs

PATH import

use position log plus marker positions where provided to define path;  position log is sometimes incomplete or ends above TD.

use column import

KB handling confusing: KB elevation reported in attributes is relative to well location (not TVDSS), head location is well location plus KB elevation

easiest to set KB to 0, and make well location the actual KB location. Datum is still KB.

UNcheck offshore wells in import which has the above effect.

checked offshore wells sets datum to BoreSurface, the KB elevation to highest (first?) Z value in import file, and well location also to the same highest Z. The head location has then a doubled Z value. Perhaps BoreSurface means that MD is measured from the well location but is not documented. Avoid for less confusion.

Another option is to have a separate file with just the KB coordinates and Z (TVDSS) and then use "from well locations" to create initial wells with the correct KB. The add path somehow.

LOG import

MD column needs to be in the unit which is defined for MD in the well (most often feet).

one log at a time, autogenerate scripts for each log file