About My Research

I’m working across multi-/interdisciplinary fields with the major focus of understanding individual’s health status on an integrative, organismic level and promoting population health. This is a fairly emerging topic especially in the fields of translational health sciences, biomedical science/engineering, and information sciences. The main concept is that the integrative and multiscale regulatory nature of physiological systems is challenging the traditional way of understanding their functioning status with deductive approaches, i.e., decomposing a system into its constituent pieces, studying each component, and reassembling the outputs to illustrate the original entity. Novel methods derived from statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics are emerging as promising tools to pinpoint these integrative behaviors of physiological systems from their dynamical outputs and uncover the possible degradations. The goal of my work is to bridge the gaps between these fundamental research and healthcare practices, and ultimately to grow them to be critical components of the new healthcare schemes and to help individuals better understand and, further, actively manage their health status and prevent from being diseased.

List of active topics/projects:

(1) Aging, neurodegeneration, and multiscale patterns in motor activity
(2) Sleep, life style, and cardiac autonomic function
(3) Methodological studies aiming to assess the multiscale, complex properties of physiological outputs
(4) Applied studies to translating new findings into health assessments and disease monitoring for individual healthcare