Bo Shi

Associate Professor

Department of Medical Imaging, Bengbu Medical College, China

We get to know each other a while ago since I was still a PhD student at Shandong University. We both have interest in ECG monitoring, especially in high-quality ECG recording during free movement. We’ve planned to work out some ideas since then and are interacting more with each other most recently.

Most recently, our common interest shifts to the assessment of gastric cancer severity, prognosis, and mortality, etc.

Latest activity:

09/25/2019 New paper published! Read more! Basically we showed that perturbations in nonlinear autonomic control potentially predict increased gastric cancer severity.

04/30/2018 – New paper on asymmetry of RR interval published. Regular walking seems to affect the asymmetry of RR interval. Read more!

10/24/2017 – New paper on entropy measures published. See how different entropy values of heart rate variability change during exercise. Read more!