Chandan Karmakar, Ph.D.


School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Australia

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Currently collaborating on entropy measures to assessing the complexity of physiological time series and physiological measurements. Specific projects include distribution entropy and its application to epilepsy detection, establishing new entropy measures that can reliably assess the complexity based on short-term data, and assessment and understanding of beat-to-beat diastolic time interval time series.

Latest activity:

03/15/2018 – New paper published on epileptic seizure detection. We were targeting epileptic seizure detection using short-length EEG recordings. We found that combining the distribution entropy and fuzzy entropy could help increase the performance. Read more!

01/15/2018 – Chandan is appointed Lecturer at Deakin University. Congrats!

10/25/2017 – Chandan is visiting my previous group at Shandong University.

Chandan talk

09/20/2017 – New paper published on distribution entropy. Read more!

08/22/2016 – Chandan is visiting my group—MBP at Harvard Medical School

08/20/2016 – Cheers on new grant we get together from NSFC. PI is me and Chandan is one of the Co-Is.