Long, frequent naps link to Alzheimer's dementia--SLEEP2020 presentation covered by MEDPAGE TODAY

August 30, 2020

Daytime napping is a common behavior especially in elderlies. There are conflict results regarding long-term health consequences and daytime napping. No prior studies have investigated how objective daytime napping changes longitudinally with aging, and how this change interacts with the progression of Alzheimer's.

We have studied this using a large cohort of elderlies with annual clinical assessment and annual assessment of actigraphy. Participants have been followed for 6 years on average, and up to 14 years. Results were presented in oral at the virtual SLEEP2020 meeting.

MedPage Today covered this story with title "Long, Frequent Naps Predict Alzheimer's Dementia — Study uses actigraphy to assess snoozing, drowsiness in elderly adults". Click here to read more!