Full CV (last updated Jan 2019)

I will be starting a position as an assistant professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech in April, 2020. Contact me to inquire potential opportunities for graduate students and postdoc.


Research Interests

I am currently a postdoc researcher working with Dr. Loretta Mickley in the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group at Harvard. My current project focuses on the interactions between aerosols and climate across multiple timescales in the past. I use the chemical transport model GEOS-Chem, combined with ice core data of black carbon and other proxies to study the history of wildfire activities. 

I was an experimentalist prior to joining the modeling group. I completed my Ph.D. dissertation with Dr. Scot Martin at Harvard in 2017. My dissertation work was in part supported by the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship. My PhD research centered on the physical, optical, and thermodynamic properties of organic particulate matter, and their influences on Earth's climate and atmospheric chemistry. I developed a spectroscopic method to measure the wavelength-dependent complex refractive indices of secondary organic material. I also developed new experimental approaches to investigate the volatility, condensed-phase diffusivities, and hygroscopicity of organic particulate matter. Before arriving at Harvard, I earned BS and MS degrees in Atmospheric Sciences, both from Peking University. I worked on the "Haze in China"  field campaign during my study of the master's degree. My master thesis was on the hygroscopicity, optical properties, and vertical distributions of the haze particles over the North China Plain.   



2011-2017 Ph.D. in Environmental Science & Engineering Harvard University
2008-2011 M.S. in Atmospheric Physics & Environment Peking University
2004-2008  B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences Peking University 

Awards and Honors

2018           Award in Natural Sciences (2nd class), Ministry of Education of P. R. China (for the project "Haze in China").

2017           Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad 

2017           Participant of ACCESS XIV (Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists), Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY

2013-2016  NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF)

2010           Outstanding Award in National Competition of Innovative Experiments, Ministry of Education, China

2007           Hsieh Yi-Ping Award for Young Scientists in Meteorological Science and Technology, Peking University

2006-2007  Presidential Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Peking University

2003           1st Prize in Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO) in Henan District, Chinese Physical Society


Submitted/under reiview/in press

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