Curriculum Vitae


Th.D.,  Historical and Systematic Theology, Harvard University, Divinity School, Cambridge, MA (dissertation advised by Ronald Thiemann)
M.Div., Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN
B.A., English Literature and Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland


Late Medieval and Reformation Europe
The intellectual traditions of modernity
Theological and philosophical anthropology
Christology and the doctrine of the Trinity
Critical theory
Theories and methods in the study of religion


Assistant Professor of Divinity, Divinity School, Samford University, Birmingham, AL (2011-present)
Lilly Fellow and Lecturer in Theology and Humanities, Christ College, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN (2010-2011)
Editorial Assistant (article reviewer) for Harvard Theological Review, 2008-2011
Teaching Fellow in the Study of Religion, Harvard University, 2005-2010
Teaching Fellow in Slavic Languages and Literatures (Polish), Harvard University, 2004-2009
Pastoral intern at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Sayville, N.Y., 2001-2002
ESL instructor, 1991-1998



Trinity, Freedom and Love: An Engagement with the Theology of Eberhard Jüngel [T&T Clark Studies in Systematic Theology, vol. 18] (London: T&T Clark, 2012;  reissued in paperback 2014).

Scholarly articles and book chapters:

  • “Luther and the Lutherans,” forthcoming in Sarah Coakley and Richard Cross (eds.), The Oxford Handbook to the Reception History of Christian Theology (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015).
  • “The Resurrection as Divine Openness,” forthcoming in R. David Nelson (ed.), Indicative of Grace - Imperative of Freedom: Essays in honour of Eberhard Jüngel in His 80th Year (London: T&T Clark, 2014).
  • “Sin, between Law and Gospel,” Lutheran Quarterly 28:2 (Summer 2014), 149-178.
  • “Freedom and Obedience in the Christian Life,” Carl E. Braaten (ed.), Preaching and Teaching the Law and Gospel of God (Delhi, NY: American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 2013), 115-140.
  •  “Nemo iudex in causa sua as the Basis of Law, Justice and Justification in Luther’s Thought” [abridged], Luther Digest: An Annual Abridgment of Luther Studies 18 (2010), 65-70.
  • “Beyond Mere Negations: Luther and Dionysius,” Modern Theology 24:4 (October 2008), 679-692.  Reprinted in Sarah Coakley & Charles M. Stang (eds.), Rethinking Dionysius the Areopagite (Oxford: Blackwells, 2009), 149-162.
  • Nemo iudex in causa sua as the Basis of Law, Justice and Justification in Luther’s Thought,” Harvard Theological Review 100:3 (July 2007), 363-386.
  • “Exchange and Ecstasy: Luther’s Eucharistic Theology in Light of Radical Orthodoxy’s Critique of Gift and Sacrifice,” Scottish Journal of Theology 63:3 (August 2007), 294-308.
  • “Storming Heaven with Karl Barth? Barth’s Unwitting Appropriation of the genus maiestaticum and What Lutherans Can Learn from It,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 9:1 (January 2007), 73-92.
  • “From Divine Sovereignty to Divine Conversation: Karl Barth and Robert Jenson on God’s Being and Analogy,” Concordia Theological Quarterly 71:1 (January 2007), 29-55.
  • “Hegel’s Conception of God, and Its Application by Isaak Dorner to the Problem of Divine Immutability,” Pro Ecclesia 15:4 (Fall 2006), 448-471.
  • “Third Use of the Law in Light of Creation and the Fall” [revised], Charles A. Gieschen (ed.), The Law in Holy Scripture (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2004), 211-237.
  • “Paul’s Use of the Imagery of Sleep and His Understanding of the Christian Life: A Study in the Thessalonian Correspondence,” Concordia Theological Quarterly 67:1 (January 2003), 65-78.
  • “Third Use of the Law in Light of Creation and the Fall,” Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology 11:3 (Holy Trinity 2002), 9-19.

Book reviews:

  • “Review of Defending Faith: Lutheran Responses to Andreas Osiander's Doctrine of Justificaiton, 1551-1559 by Timothy J. Wengert," Theological Book Review 25 (2013), 1: 55-56.
  • “Review of Creator est Creatura: Luthers Christologie als Lehre von der Idiomenkommunikation by Oswald Bayer and Benjamin Gleede (eds.),” Reviews in Religion and Theology 16:4 (September 2009), 618-622.
  • “Review of Preaching Christ in All of Scripture by Edmund P. Clowney,” Concordia Pulpit Resources 18:2 (Lent – Pentecost 2008), 11.
  • “Review of Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith by Eberhard Jüngel,” Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology 11:2 (Eastertide 2002), 53-55.

Popular writings:

  • Systematic-theological contributions (“A Key Theological Question” for Second, Third, and Fourth Sundays of Easter) in Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary: Series B (Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2014), 135-149.
  • “Freedom and Suffering in Bonhoeffer’s Theology,” Lutheran Forum 48:1 (Spring 2014), 47-51.
  • “The Mega-Church and the Politics of Desire,” Modern Reformation 22:5 (September/October 2013), 5-9.
  • “Żyjąc przeszłością [Living out of the Past: Some remarks on Lutheran Identity],” Słowo i Myśl: Kwartalnik Społeczno-Kulturalny 116:1 (2012), 19-20.
  •  “Polish Lutherans Facing Their Communist Past,” Lutheran Forum 45:2 (Summer 2011), 36-41.
  • “The Wisdom of Self-Distance,” Network Communiqué: Annual Report of the Lilly Fellows Program 26 (2011), 8-11.
  • “Poland’s Tragedy,” published simultaneously in The Harvard Crimson 137:52 (13 April 2010), A10; and MIT’s The Tech 130:19, 5.
  • “Amerykanie uczą się polskiego [Americans Study Polish],” Gazeta Ustrońska 24/(765) (15 czerwca 2006), 8-9.
  • “Clothing That Makes the Man,” Concordia Pulpit Resources 13:2 (Lent – Pentecost 2003), 43-44.  Reprinted in Sermons for Lent & Easter: Selections from Concordia Pulpit Resources (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2008), 123-126.
  • “The Generous Injustice,” available at the Acton Institute’s website:
  • “Ewolucjonizm a chrześcijańskie świadectwo [Evolutionism and Christian Witness],” Zwiastun [Bi-weekly of the Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland] 22 (28 listopada 1999), 6-8.


  • Oswald Bayer, “Necessary Transformation? The Reformation and Modernity in Controversy over Freedom [Notwendige Umformung? Reformatorisches und neuzeitliches Freiheitsverständnis im (Konflikt-)Gespräch],” Pro Ecclesia 22:3 (Summer 2013), 290-306.  Into English.
  • Gerahrd O. Forde, “Przegrany zgarnia wszystko. O zwycięstwie Chrystusa [Loser Takes All: The Victory of Christ],” Słowo i Myśl: Kwartalnik Społeczno-Kulturalny 2012.  Into Polish.
  • Gilbert Meilaender, “Katolik, którym jestem [The Catholic I Am],” Słowo i Myśl: Kwartalnik Społeczno-Kulturalny 2012 (116), 1: 5.  Into Polish. 


English, Polish, German; working knowledge of NT Greek, Latin, French, and Anglo-Saxon