My Research Group

Meet the members of my research group, including current graduate student advisees, undergraduate research assistants, other students on whose independent research projects or thesis committees I serve or with whom I work and former students. View background information on each of the students with whom I currently work, including his or her current projects and papers.

Note that almost all of my doctoral advisees conduct primary data collection and often experimental field research.

Current Lab Members

Nusrat Jimi

Economics PhD Candidate at SUNY Binghamton (6th Year). Using field experiments, Nusrat is working at the intersection of development economics, labor economics, and economics of education, with a special focus on the effect of diversity in the classroom on educational outcomes in developing countries and the causes and consequences of female economic empowerment. Nusrat is currently collecting follow-up data to a field experimental project in Bangladesh.  Nusrat Jimi
Alan Adelman Economics PhD Candidate, SUNY Binghamton (5th Year). Alan's research focuses on the economics of human development with a special focus on the formation of non-cognitive skills during the life cycle and the effect of non-cognitive skills on labor market outcomes in developing countries. Alan Adelman
David Titus SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2020 (Mathematics and Economics undergraduate student). David is finishing his undergraduate studies at Binghamton and currently taking the doctoral courses in Economics as he is preparing for PhD programs in Economics. His interests are in public finance and labor economics.  David Titus
Jerray Chang SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2021 (Economics Masters student). Jerray is an aspiring economic scholar and musician. His interests in social impact and economic theory encourage him to pursue economics as a medium to create positive social change for the future. Having gravitated towards music at an early age, he continually pursues new ways to communicate through music. Jerray Chang
Shahadath Hossain Economics PhD Candidate, SUNY Binghamton (3rd Year). Research focus: South Asia, Causes of economic empowerment in South Asia.  Shahadath Hossain
Megan Foley SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2020 (Mathematics and Economics undergraduate student).  
Declan Levine SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2021 (Mathematics and Philosophy undergraduate student). Declan Levine
Steve Yeh Cornell University, Class of 2021 (Mathematics and Economics major, CS Minor) Steve Yeh

Former Lab Members

Matthew Bonci SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 (Mathematics and Economics); Current position: Economics Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania Matt Bonci
Dayne Feehan SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 (Economics, Korean Studies and Sociology); Current position: Graduate Student at George Washington University Dayne Feehan
Matthew Slater SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 with a B.S. in Financial Economics; Current position: Analyst at iStar Inc. (NYSE:STAR), a publicly traded REIT Matthew Slater
Yonglin "Pauline" Liang SUNY Binghamton Class of 2017 (Mathematics and Economics); Current position: Research Associate, NYU Stern School of Business
Pauline Liang
Alexander Coulard SUNY Binghamton Class of 2016 (Economics); Current position: Portfolio Manager, AB Bernstein Alex Coulard
Kevin Acker SUNY Binghamton Class of 2015 (Economics and China Studies); Current position: Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Kevin Acker