My Economics Research Lab

Meet the members of my research group, including current graduate student advisees, undergraduate research assistants, other students on whose independent research projects or thesis committees I serve or with whom I work and former students. View background information on each of the students with whom I currently work, including his or her current projects and papers.

Note that almost all of my doctoral advisees conduct primary data collection and often experimental field research.

Current Lab Members

David Titus SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2020 (Majors in Mathematics and Economics). Research focus: public finance & labor economics. David is currently a Ph.D. student in in economics at Cornell University's Department of Economics.  David Titus
Shahadath Hossain Economics PhD Candidate, SUNY Binghamton (5th Year). Research focus: South Asia, Economic empowerment in South Asia.  Shahadath Hossain
Steve Yeh Cornell University, Class of 2021 (Majors in Mathematics and Economics, CS Minor). Research focus: applied game theory, labor and development economics. Steve is in the Economics Ph.D. program at Columbia University. Steve Yeh
Justin Sun Cornell University, Class of 2022 (Majors in Economics and Computer Science).  Justin Sun
Ariunzaya Oktyabri Columbia University, Class of 2022 (Major: Mathematics-Economics; undergraduate student). Ariunzaya is an editor for the Columbia Economic Review and a member of the Undergraduate Scholars Program. Bronze medalist in the Mongolian National Biology Olympiad. Ariunzaya is currently working on a project quantifying the labor supply response of prime-aged individuals to the presence of old-age pensioners in households in China.   Ariunzaya Oktyabri
Nicholas Langel Williams College, Class of 2023, Majors: Economics and Statistics. He has worked as an economic data analyst at the Berkshire Innovation Center and an equity research analyst for TenCore partners.  Nick Langel
Andrew Ryan SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2022 (Major in Economics)  

Former Lab Members

Charlotte Williams SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2022 (Major in Economics and Political Science, Global Studies minor). Charlotte was the research manager of a randomized field experiment, focusing on the role of information for health investments in response to COVID-19.   
Nusrat Jimi Post-Doc, Ph.D. (SUNY Binghamton). Using field experiments, Nusrat is working at the intersection of development economics, labor economics, and economics of education.  
Alan Adelman Graduate of the Economics Ph.D. Program (SUNY Binghamton).   
William "Billy" Lombardo SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2022 (Majors in Mathematics and History; undergraduate student). Billy worked on a research project examining the economic effects of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. At Binghamton, he is a member of the Scholars Program and has been active as a part of the program's student leadership. Billy is a leader of Binghamton's undergraduate mathematics club and plays the violin for the student symphony orchestra. Billy Lombardo
Matthew Bonci SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 (Majors: Mathematics and Economics); Current position: Pre-Doctoral Economics Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania & University of Zurich (Department of Economics) Matt Bonci
Dayne Feehan SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 (Majors in Economics, Korean Studies and Sociology); Dayne was a research assistant for two experimental projects, a lab experiment conducted in China and a vocational training field experiment in Nepal. Current position: Graduate Student at George Washington University Dayne Feehan
Matthew Slater SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2019 (Major in Financial Economics); Matthew was a research assistant for a field experiment (conducted in Tanzania), which examined how introducing a time delay into the execution of an investment plan influences individuals’ risk preferences. Current position: Analyst at iStar Inc. (NYSE:STAR), a publicly traded REIT Matthew Slater
Yonglin "Pauline" Liang SUNY Binghamton Class of 2017 (Majors in Mathematics and Economics); Pauline was a research manager between 2016-2018 for a randomized controlled trial examining how conditions of scarcity influence labor productivity and optimizing behavior. Current position: Pre-Doctoral Research Associate, NYU Stern School of Business. Pauline is a Ph.D. student in financial economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford University's Economics Department. She is also the recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship in Economics. 
Pauline Liang
Joyce Kim SUNY Binghamton Class of 2017 (Majors in Economics & Global and International Affairs); Joyce was a research assistant in 2016 for a randomized controlled trial examining how conditions of scarcity influence labor productivity and optimizing behavior. Current position: Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow in Economics, Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School). Joyce is currently a research assistant for Professor Marcella Alsan, whose research focuses on the relationship between health and socioeconomic disparities with an emphasis on infectious disease. Joyce will enter the Economics Ph.D. program at The University of Michigan in Fall 2021. Joyce Kim
Alexander Coulard SUNY Binghamton Class of 2016 (Major in Economics); Current position: Portfolio Manager, AB Bernstein Alex Coulard
Kevin Acker SUNY Binghamton Class of 2015 (Majors in Economics and China Studies); Current position: Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Kevin Acker
Bernard Matungwa University of Dar es Salaam (Major in Political Science); Project manager for a randomized control trial in the Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) area conducted between 2011 and 2013 Bernard Matungwa