Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Women’s Inheritance Right Reform and Child Health in India (with Shahadath Hossain)
  2. Pension Benefits and Labor Supply Decisions in Developing Countries (with Xu Wang)
  3. The Labor Market Effects of Syrian Refugees in Europe (with Matthew Bonci and Leila Salarpour)
  4. Credit Constraints and Female Empowerement Outcomes within the Household: Field Experiment in Bangladesh (with N. Jimi and C. Hanes) (NSF funded; Division of Social and Economic Sciences, Economics Program; Field activities ongoing) 
  5. Human Capital and Transformative Entrepreneurship. Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design. (Under review) 
  6. Better Late than Early: Human Capital and Female Aspirations Regarding Marital Timing.  (In preparation for submission) 
  7. Female Economic Empowerment and Domestic Violence. (with S. Chakravarty, M. Lundberg) (In preparation for submission) 
  8. Why Are the Returns to Schooling in Developing Countries Higher for Women than for Men? Evidence from Tanzania (with M. Bonci and S. Polachek) (Manuscript preparation)