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Academic Writing

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2022. "Theorizing Justice from the Margins: Black Feminist Insights on Political (Protest) BehaviorPolitics, Groups, and Identities

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2022. "From Black Lives Matter to EndSARS: Women's Socio-political Power and the Transnational Movement for Black Lives" Perspectives on Politics

{Society for the Study of Social Problems Global Division Student Paper Award Winner, 2022}

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2021. "On Scholarship and the Hyphenated African Identity" in African Scholars and Intellectuals in the North American Academy: Reflections of Exile and Migration. London: Routledge

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2020. "Women, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development in Africa". in Yacob-Haliso O., Falola T. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of African Women's Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

{American Political Science Association Best Graduate Student Paper on Entrepreneurship and Inclusion, 2019}

Public Media/Creative Writing

"Pursuing a Professional Path in Academia" Break the Boxes Podcast Interview. 2021.

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2020. "African Knowledge Production and History in the Making". Collateral Benefits: Voices of African Womxn Perspective Paper II

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela and Hammouri-Davis, Azmera. 2020. "Whose Lives Really Matter". Voyages Africana Journal 

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2019. "Breaking Barriers and Igniting Imagination: Lessons from Women Technology Empowerment Center’s 'She Creates' Summer Camp". Women Technology Empowerment Center Blog Report

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2018. "Nke Ano" Kuumba Voices p.6

Nwakanma, Adaugo Pamela. 2017. "Ihunanya" and Ephemeral Moments; Lasting Impressions: A Tribute to Dr. S. Allen Counter" Kuumba Voices


Under Review

 "Cultivating Joy in Academia"  in Disrupting Political Science: Black Women Transforming the Discipline

"Africana Infrapolitics: Reflections from Nigeria and Colombia" in Black Feminisms Beyond Borders: Cultivating Knowledge, Solidarity and Liberation


Work in Progress

Book Project: Women, Power, and Networks: The Gendered Politics of Economic Empowerment

My book project investigates the intersection of women's empowerment in business and politics. More specifically, I examine the role of social power in moderating the relationship between economic power and political power amongst people working in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy. Using a mix of sophisticated quantitative and qualitative approaches, as well as African feminist insights, the work is grounded in Africa's largest economy, but builds on empirical data from across the continent to develop an innovative theory of political empowerment. In order to achieve this objective, the book project analyzes observational and experimental data from surveys, interviews, and ethnographic fieldwork. Ultimately, this research contributes substantively to our understanding of the political economy of gender and development in Africa and beyond by critically interrogating the relationship between the economic, the social, and the political in the world’s largest Black economy.

Article: "The Gendered Economics of Political Empowerment: Lessons from Nigeria, Africa's Largest Economy"

{African Studies Association Graduate Student Paper Prize Winner, 2022}

{American Political Science Association Best Graduate Paper on Entrepreneurship and Inclusion, 2022}










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