Welcome to the official website of Policy for the People. Join our multinational community of policy enthusiasts! Policy for the People is a Harvard student-led organization based in our umbrella organization, Erevna, a 501(c)(3) organization that is also registered at Harvard Innovation Labs. Policy for the People is working remotely to provide the space for students, high school and beyond, to engage with policy, learn about related decision-making processes, synthesize their own policy-driven ideas, receive mentorship/peer mentorship, and even network with each another along the way. Inspired by the event structure of a “hackathon,” we host several “policythons” each year for students to virtually compete in. Each of our competitive events involve cash prizes, mentoring & networking opportunities, access to subscription services from select partnered organizations, chances to connect with our seasoned guest speakers, support in receiving official endorsements for your policy ideas, and much more.


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[Concluded] Students Improving Schools

From December 12th - 13th, 2020, our Students Improving Schools (SIS) Conference was a 24-hour policy-ideation competition designed specifically for high school students. From a discussion-based conference and close-knit workshop sessions, to collaborative proposal writing and 1-on-1 mentoring office hours, the SIS Conference of 2020 was jampacked with policy ideas on all things education reform. Click here to view the event's winning policy memos.

Fun fact: Most of our SIS attendees were based in New York City!

Watch the recap of this 100 high school student policy-writing competition at: https://youtu.be/zNUbN15xrvU.

[Concluded] The Pandemic Policython

From October 23rd - 25th, 2020, the Pandemic Policython was an international policy-writing competition (i.e., a "policython") for all students, high school and beyond, to join, collaborate, and deliberate on the policy solutions that can best address today's most pressing issues. A policython is a competitive, team-based event, in which a "policy brief" is the expected deliverable. Similar to the framework of a weekend-long "hackathon," a policy brief was to be submitted by each student team within the 48-hour timeframe of the Pandemic Policython. Participants received the opportunity to network with fellow students interested in policy, heard from professionals in the field of public policy, law, and government, attended various workshops, received guidance from on-call mentors, and received assessment on their final submission pieces from our panel of expert judges. The Pandemic Policython was a non-partisan, virtual competition for students to brainstorm, discuss, and rework their very own policy proposals. With well over 1,000 applicants, 400 participants, 150 submissions, 50 mentors, and 10 workshops/events, we were able to conclude our first policython event with over 3,000 cumulative volunteer hours completed.

To view the workshop recordings, participant handbooks, and resources of the like, visit our Notion page: https://bit.ly/policythonnotion.

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A Note from Our Founder

Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of your peers, mentors, and communities, and welcome to Policy for The People. I'm Lucas Chu, Executive Director of Policy for the People and Founder of Erevna. Let’s unpack that: Policy for the People is an intercollegiate non-profit organizing events that bring students and mentors together to write policies. Learn more about our members here. Erevna, which is Greek for “research,” is a student community platforming extracurricular education.

A little about me: I’m a second-year student at Harvard College studying economics and education, and I’m a research assistant at Opportunity Insights, whose mission it is to use big data to revive the American Dream. Education is a huge part of that, and on the internet, it is permanent, scaleable, and collaborative. I invite you to join my mission and share the ideas, resources, and corrections you’ll make and receive.

2020 is a historical year, and we hope our events help you feel ready to step up to the unfair responsibilities that have been thrusted upon you. Regardless of where, how, and who you are, know that you are not alone. Please have fun, too!



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