The Pandemic Policython was a nonpartisan online competition from October 23rd to 25th for students to write proposals for policy-based solutions to today's most pressing challenges. Over the course of the policython, teams of one to four members heard from partners, received guidance from leading academics whilst writing proposals, and submitted their policy memos to policymakers. We had over 1000 applicants, 400 participants, 150 submissions, 50 mentors, and 10 events. Winning teams were matched with a partner and received a $200 seed grant.


Public Health: A Right To Housing: a Radical Solution to Domestic Violence
    Runner-up: Extreme Isolation: The Intersection of Female Navajo Essential Workers and Domestic Violence

Economic Equity: Moving US Forward
    Runner-up: Promoting Indigenous Employment Through Improved Education for Economic Equity 

Criminal Justice: Rethinking the Prison-Community Pipeline: a case for green reintegration
    Runner-up: It's About T.I.M.E.(Tribunal Immigration Motion for Equality)

Voting: Proposal for Informed Students Voters Program
    Runner-up: A Digital World Demands a Digital Option for Voting Registration

Technology: Zooming In On Remote Learning: How To Protect K-12 Students’ Privacy In Virtual Classrooms?
    Runner-up: Bridging the Digital Divide: Improving the state of ICT in Rural Philippines

Learn more and read the proposals at https://bit.ly/policythonnotion

Join our Event Server at https://discord.gg/w9RrW5T

A Special Thank you to our Supporters: 

What we value and are looking for

  • Participation. We strongly encourage anyone to apply, especially if they don't know anybody with a shared interest. We'll match you! Above all else, we require and support each team to share their work with stakeholders. 
  • Inclusion. In particular, we encourage and support immigrant, POC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities to both participate and partner with us. Although the general tracks will be in English and primarily focus on U.S. policy, we hope for the educational material to be intersectional and beneficial to anyone. Given the subjective and contextual nature of public policy, we're inclusive of all participants, messages, submissions, mentors, partners, and speakers that follow our code of conduct. We empower multiple perspectives and the redefining of policy questions. 
  • Transparency. Central to the Discord server, which is the center of the policython, is the public forum, where we encourage resource, feedback, and idea sharing. Also, to encourage collaboration, we match individuals with teams and partners with tracks. Teams are required to give feedback to the other teams in their block. Critically, after policy brief and presentation judging is over, the drive will be publicized, allowing the public to view briefs and recordings. 
  • Accountability. Fundamental to our policython are the problem statements, which acknowledge and introduce issues that we believe to be solvable with policy. Policy briefs may be no more than 2000 words in length (not including references or illustration captions) and may contain up to 6 exhibits. Before judging, we will provide a template for PDF versions of the proposals to be sent out to relevant policymakers. All submissions must follow Harvard College Honor Code standards regarding Academic Integrity, including the proper citation of all source materials. 


In the spirit of collaboration, applications are open to anyone, all hosted and submitted content, including memos and feedback, will be published online, and continued partnerships are highly encouraged.