Policy for the People Journal

About Policy for the People Journal:
Policy for the People Journal publishes research, essays & articles by student researchers interested in Education, Policy, Economic Equity, Healthcare, Racial Justice, Technology, Climate & Environment. Run out of Harvard Innovations Labs, Policy for the People hosts multiple “Policythons” a year.

Journal Guidelines:

​​Policy for the People Journal‘s mission is to empower young policy enthusiasts by providing a platform to publish all their policy research. We feature articles, Op-Eds, policy  briefs and research that have persuasive arguments, compelling narrative, and clear policy recommendations. 

We address major social impact themes including: 

Climate Change and Solutions 
Racial Equity 
Economic Equity 
Democracy and Human Rights 
Technology and Innovation 
Public Health 
Criminal Justice 


Our mission is to provide a platform and relevant resources for young researchers to publish their work. We believe in equipping students with policy research skills to empower the next generation of leaders in their respective fields. Our peer-reviewed, student-run journal publishes cutting edge research, articles, opinion, policy breakdowns, policy solutions and more. 

We are open to submissions from all. 

Submission Guidelines: 
As of now, we are more interested in publishing already completed work. Priority will be given to finished work that only requires editing. But you can also send us your pitches! We will provide relevant resources and guidelines depending on our capacity for pitches.

In the subject of your email, specify the category you’re submitting for. Example: “Policy Analysis: YOUR TOPIC” 
In the body of your email, add a third person bio of yourself that must include your current institution, academic level and interests. Example: 
“John Doe is a rising junior at Balliol College, Oxford studying PPE. You can reach them via email at xxxx@gmail.com” 
“Jane Doe is a high-school senior at XYZ school, NY, interested in policy and economics. You can reach them via email at xxxx@gmail.com” 

 Then, attach your submission in a doc or docx. 

Submissions can be mailed here: usraat@policython.com

Submit using this form: https://forms.gle/BJbXHeJvc9L4RKPRA

For completed work, check the categories of submission below: Research Papers/Policy Analysis: Policy analysis and papers should offer a deeper insight and perspective on the chosen subject theme. The analysis should review articles and papers that synthesize, organize and draw conclusions about policies of the relevant field. Reference resources must be cited. 
Max 1500 words. 

For reference: https://www-cdn.law.stanford.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/White-Papers-Guidelines.pdf

Interviews: Edited transcript of interview with expert, stakeholder, community organizer in relevant social impact fields. All submissions must accompany an audio recording of the interview. Max. 1000 words. 

Book Reviews: Reviews of books on the above themes and important for the relevant fields are welcome. The reviews must include the principle arguments and why the subject matter is important for the relevant field. It should be a helpful guide for our audience. Max. 600 words.

Opinion: Tell us your thought provoking ideas that’s rooted in clear argumentation. Give us your hot-take on social-policy, economic policy, education policy— anything! Max. 800 words. 

Policy Briefs: A good policy brief should include a concise summary of a particular issue, the policy options to deal with it, and some recommendations on the best option. Relevant use of statistics, data and photos are encouraged. Word lengths typically should be 700-800 words. For longer briefs, it’s encouraged to keep it under 3000 words. 
For Reference: https://www.fao.org/3/i2195e/i2195e03.pdf

Essays: We accept topical features essays. Do you have something to say about the climate injustice? Roe v. Wade? Send us your ideas! Max. 800 words. 

Review Process:
Submission goes through two levels of review in order to be accepted for publication.
Once accepted, you’ll be working with an editor to publish your final piece.
Due to the volume of submissions, we might not be able to provide feedback on all submissions. 
Reading period is usually 2-3 weeks. 

Other Info:
Please let us know if your article has been accepted elsewhere. 
We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and any kind of discriminatory or hateful speech. 

*We welcome submissions from current or recent students in philosophy, politics, economics and related fields worldwide.


Editor-in-Chief: Usraat Fahmidah

Design Lead: Ray Nobhuhara

Marketing & Outreach: Ethan Barron

Website: https://medium.com/policy-for-the-people-journal