Our Core Values

Preface Statement

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this section, please email our organization-wide email (contact@policython.com), or reach out to us via Discord. For additional reference as to what we stand for as an organization, click here to visit the documentation of our offical Code of Conduct.


As a student-run organization, we understand how busy any given student's schedule can become, which is why asynchronous productivity is a tried-and-true practice here at Policy for the People. In addition, we strive to challenge our Interns and Organizers by allowing them to be independent in their task-completing processes, while also communicating to fellow teammates along the way. Thus, your participation and communication are always appreciated.


At Policy for the People, we acknowledge and understand individuality within our workspace. In particular, we are dedicated to having workspaces, events, and an overall community, that supports individuals who identify as: an immigrant, BIPoC, LGBTQ+, and/or a member of any other marginalized community. We are dedicated to doing this in all of Policy for the People's related activities and spaces. Despite the general content, instructions, resources, and meetings being in U.S. English, and primarily focus on the subject matters and systems within America, we aim for the educational material we put forth to be intersectional for all Interns, Organizers, and any other individual/organization in affiliation to Policy for the People. We aim to empower any and all perspective that is not in conflict with our official Code of Conduct.


Policy for the People practices open and honest communication within each of our organizational workspaces. For instance, our Discord server's "public forum" channel (i.e., "#public-forum") holds the purpose of faciliating server-wide communication. In this same channel, we encourage resource- and idea-sharing, general collaborations, as well as reciprocation of feedback. In efforts to open-source all materials and resources, each of Policy for the People's events will always conclude with the dissemination of a repository consisting of all submission pieces, as well as webinar recordings of speaker workshops/events, general event highlights, and so on. Said repository is open to event participants, as well as the general public, to view.


As Policy for the People, we ask that all Interns and Organizers consistently complete tasks, as well as attend/participate in our virtual meetings, as much as one is able to. If you are a participant/attendee at one of our events, we accept feedback and constructive criticism post-event, so as to allow open communication between the participants and the organizing team. Note: All submissions pieces of an event hosted by Policy for the People must follow the standards outlined in the The Honor Code of Harvard College, specifically in regards to Academic Integrity.