The Education Policython


Sat - Sun, Feb 20 to Feb 21, 11:00am - 1:00pm


About the Event

Policy for the People and Partners for Patients are co-hosting The Education Policython. This policython is a global educational conference dedicated to improving educational equity and introducing students to policy writing. Over the course of 24 hours, students will team up to explore ideas on improving their local schools by diving into the issues that affect them, and then working with mentors to brainstorm solutions. This is in an efforts to get students started on crafting ideas centered around educational reform and related policies. Professionals of policy and academics, as well as public officials, will serve as our panel of judges. Towards the end of the policython, our judges will evaluate the policy writing pieces based on feasibility, evidence, and impact. We will end this event by encouraging participating teams to submit their policy ideas to relevant stakeholders/representatives.

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Title Team
1. The Solution to Our Student Mental Health Crisis Tasmia Afrin, Tatyana Cruz, Kristen Wang, Sadiqah Quadery
2. Program for Individualized Engagement and Curriculum Enhancement of COVID-19 Adapted K-12 Education Julia Umapas
3. Closing The Digital Divide: Solving the Broadband and Technology Crisis Ateea Kazi, Ahsanul Abeer
4. Exploration Through Interaction of STEM and Humanities Stanley Huang, Alan Goldengur,  Joanne Chung
5. Internet Access: An Urgent Issue of Equity in Remote Learning

Yu-Jin Cho, Ayusha Ariana

6. Competency Based Learning Model Proposal Grey Bayliss, Leah Pascarelli
7. Leveling the Playing Field: Creating a Policy for Proactive Accommodation

William Honcharuk, Oliver Zhou, Alex SH Lee, Emily Chambers

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Students are encouraged to research solutions relating to the following topics or subject matters:

  • Standardized Testing (and ESSA)

  • Mental Health
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • Improving Online Teaching
  • Racial and Socioeconomic Equity
  • Special Learning Needs
  • Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Here are some resources and example problems that can be used!



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