Students Improving Schools [Concluded]


Saturday, December 12, 2020, 1:00pm to Sunday, December 13, 2020, 1:00pm


Program Details


From December 12th - 13th, 2020, the Students Improving Schools (SIS) Conference was a Harvard student-led conference aiming to help high schoolers identify and advocate for the implementation of improvements in their school during this pandemic through policy letter writing. Starting at 1pm EST on December 12th, students got to listen and ask questions to Century Foundation Bridges Collaborative Director Stefan Lallinger before breaking up into groups of eight for 2 hours of collaborative workshops. Letters were due at noon on December 13th, and returned to students with scores and/or feedback that same night.


Post-Event Remarks


We hope you had an enriching experience at the Students Improving Schools (SIS) Conference over the course of this weekend and played your part in setting into motion the gears of change, broadening your horizon in the process. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of this event and for providing all of us with a memorable conference.



Slide materials come from the Fall 2020 edition of the Harvard Course Gened 1076: Equity and Excellence in K-12 American Schools, co-taught by Professor Kay Merseth and Jacob Fay and an amazing teaching team.

Clarifying the Judging Process

Policy for the People's panel of judges for the Students Improving Schools (SIS) Conference used the following formula when assessing policy submissions, in which the introduction/presentation of the idea, the type and quality of evidence used, the tone/overall voice used for the proposal, and the clarity of the proposed solution(s), were quantifiably taken into consideration when deciding on winning submissions. In other words, each policy submission was assessed based on: Idea + Research + Voice + Clarity = Overall / 20. The five highest scores, in order of value, won.


For more information on the problem statements that SIS attendees worked on addressing within their policy solutions, please refer to our "Students Improving Schools Resources" Google Doc by clicking here.

Post-Event Correspondence

To all SIS Attendees: Please email your thanks to our event's speakers (Lallinger, Balusu, Rokerya Huang), as well as your mentors. To view the full spreadsheet of contacts of those who spoke or volunteered at the SIS Conference, click here.


Winning Proposals

 Place Won





First Place

Mandatory Health and Physical Fitness Education

Alan Shnir


Second Place

Expanding SHS Selection Criteria

Angye Bardales


Third Place

SAK: Strengthening Assessment Knowledge- Improving Standardized Testing in NYC

Kristina Lian


Fourth Place

An Island, Divided: Promoting Cultural and Racial Awareness Through K-12 Learning

Jasmine Chen


Fifth Place

Why Are Students Looking for Sports During the Pandemic?

Sarah Infante


Best Nonprofit Idea

Students with Disabilities Online Assistance Program

Chyonika Roy

Erevna Support

Top Participant Nominations

Mmachukwu Osisioma, Ray Nobuhara, Tatyana Cruz, Stella Vayner, Jayanth Mammen

Students Improving Schools :)



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Here are the recordings of our event's Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.