Expectations of Policy for The People Fellows

Policy for The People Fellows can work individually or team up with other Fellows (with a maximum of 4 team members) to develop their policy proposals.

In terms of time commitment, much of the Fellowship work will be done asynchronously at your convenience. However, Fellows are expected to spend 5 hours a week on their policy proposal. In terms of check-ins and virtual meetings, Policy for The People Fellows are expected to coordinate with their assigned mentor(s), and/or peer mentor(s), to create a suitable schedule. In between each conference, Policy for The People Fellows are asked to work asynchronously, and independently, on further developing their policy proposals. This way, each conference will serve as a work session/discussion-based meeting on what could be improved, refined, or reworked before the next conference.

Policy for The People Fellows are also asked to declare what deliverable(s) they wish to develop by the end of the Policy Sprint program, so as to framework each conference, work session, and independent progressions, in terms of the desired end-deliverable(s). Such deliverables can include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating with municipal/collegiate newsletters for media coverage for your policy brief's press release
  • Creating an informational website to learn more about the cause/solution you're advocating for
  • Curating and disseminating a Community Toolkit for your country/state/region/area, informing others on subject matters, such as: how one can get involved with your policy ideas, where to learn more about public policy in your area, how to get started in advocacy work, etc.
  • Spearheading the coalition-building efforts needed to start a virtual civic engagement group/community of your own
  • Launching a digital campaign to promote your policy solutions via social media/media-sharing platforms
  • Reaching out to policymakers and elected officials of relevance via email correspondence for further discussion and/or an endorsement of a part, or the whole, of your policy solution or related deliverable(s)