Intern With Us

Thank You

If you have submitted an application to intern with us, and have yet to receive a decision via email, please expect an email from one of our Organizers within the Application Review Team within the next two (2) weeks post-submission. Thank you everyone for your communication and patience.

Preface Statement

Here at Policy for the People, we're working to bring students together to collectively propose solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. We hope you can be a part of this experiential learning process. Thank you for your interest in contributing to Policy for the People's project(s) as an Intern.

About the Internship

Policy for the People's internship program aims to work with, and encourage, students so that they may interact with our partner network, and policy-based discussions, alongside being provided a wide range of internal opportunities, resources, and support to optimize the Intern experience.

Eligibility Criteria

At this time, we are only able to accept applicants that are current, or prospective, students. You must be enrolled in, and attending, a high school or college/university as you intern for Policy for the People. In addition, students from any region of the world are welcome to apply. Please note that we expect applicants to understand that we operate our meetings and workflows primarily using the English language. We ask our Organizers and Interns here at Policy for the People to use the English language to communicate to the best of the Organizer's, or Intern's, abilities. Secondly, Policy for the People primarily operates under the U.S. Eastern Time Zone. However, we are currently working to accomodate for our international Interns from vastly different time zones. While we do not require applicants to have a substantial amount of previous extracurricular experience. Applicants, if accepted, must be available and willing to contribute at least four (4) hours a week engaging in asynchronous project development and/or our meetings and work sessions. Unfortunately, Interns that cannot commit at least four (4) hours a week will not be able to proceed with the internship program for more than two (2) weeks. Please note that, if accepted as an Intern, you may select with project you would like to work with as an Intern. Lastly, students do not need to have experience in public policy, political science, public affairs, international relations, and/or related subject matters, to apply. In other words, not all Interns have workflows heavily based in policy, and we have a place for every passion and profession within our internship program. This is in efforts to maintain a highly interdisciplinary learning experience for all Interns, no matter their interests or backgrounds.


As reflected on our appliction form, Policy for the People currently has internship positions available for:

  • Digital Marketing
  • (Non-Marketing) External Affairs & Outreach
  • Finance
  • Policy Content & Proposal Writing
  • Policy Endorsements/Community Campaigning
  • Journalism
  • Data Analysis/Insights Management
  • Graphic Design


As an Intern at Policy for the People, you are expected to gain:

  • Transferable, practical skills with the proposal writing, digital marketing and related outreach efforts, project management, event coordination, and data analysis
  • Access to our community of professional and/or student mentors, as well as our network of partnered organizations
  • Experience in how to provide thought support to our policy event's participants
  • Certifiable volunteering hours counted towards your high school's requirements and/or collegiate school club(s)
  • Your personal Google Suite workspace to complete projects and related tasks


Click here to go to the application form for our internship program.