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Preface Statement

We want to bring students together to propose solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues, and we hope you can be a part of it via any of the following capacities. Thank you for your interest in supporting Policy for the People and its passionate student bodies.

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For more information and further corresponded, please schedule a call with our Director and Founder at: If there are no convenient time slots, email us at


Policy for the People runs its events/programs on a shoestring budget. Help us scale and change the world by making a monetary donation to our organization, in which all proceeds go towards program/event support:


With your background and expertise, we would deeply appreciate any insights you would be able to provide through lectures or individual feedback on the participants’ papers. Specifically, we would love for you to:

  • Hold live office hours for participants to ask pertinent questions and garner advice on their policy direction;

  • (and/or) Prepare live talks in your area of expertise that furthers the themes of this event (if not available, pre-recorded videos are also welcomed!);

  • (and/or) Double-up as an event judge, and help assess the winning policy proposals from each track based on a rubric prepared by Policy for the People's organizing team.


Mentors are the most important part of each event of ours, and you'll be able to join a community of extremely driven, diverse, and talented students that are eager to make a change in the world. If you're interested in becoming a mentor for our upcoming event, the Education Policython of February 2021, please fill out our Google Form by clicking here. Feel free to skip questions asking about time availability if your schedule isn't quite set yet.