Researchathon [Concluded]


July 2-4, 2021

We invite you to attend our global Researchathon—An event dedicated to fostering collaboration between labs, conduct research on new coronavirus datasets, and make a positive impact during unprecedented times. The Researchathon will have two main mandatory components, a pre-hack social with invited keynote speakers and opportunities to mingle, as well as the main Researchathon event to work on your projects. We also have sourced datasets for you to work on that we will share during the social part of the event. The Researchathon will be conducted remotely!


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We have four tracks! Check out our tracks document that outlines recent conundrums and issues relevant to our tracks. 

  1. Technology
  2. Environment 
  3. Healthcare
  4. Racial and sociocultural 


> How much does it cost to attend? $0. We are a registered nonprofit in both Canada and the U.S., and we are committed to providing this experience for free, and for all.

> Who runs this event? Our event is run by high school and university students in North America!

> Who can participate in Researchathon? All students in high school or post-secondary from anywhere around the world is encouraged to participate!

> How are the teams going to look like? Each team consists of up to 4 people, or you can also participate solo. You can create your team before the event, but each member must submit their own application.

> What if I don't have a team? If you don't have a team, don't worry! There will be opportunities to connect with others and form your team prior to the event. You also have the option to go solo!

> What will submissions look like for Researchathon? All teams must submit a three-pager at the end of the event. More details on submission requirements for each of the tracks will be announced soon!

> What should I bring? Since this is a virtual event, you will have the opportunity of enjoying our event from your home! All we require is a stable internet connection and an electronic device capable of accessing the internet. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

> Where will the event be held? We will use Discord as our main platform of communication with workshops hosted on Zoom.

Winning Research Proposals (Per Track)

First Place: From E-Waste to E-Treasure: Filling the Voids of the Circular Economy Through Establishing a Global E-Waste Ecosystem
Runner-Up: Feasibility of replacing gasoline-fueled vehicles with electric-powered ones in order to solve environmental problems 

First Place: Impact of Genetic Ancestry on Patient Care
Runner-Up: APA-STAT: Adapted Physical Activity for Sustainable: Teaching with Assistive Technology

Racial & Sociocultural Bias
First Place: Chanda’s Cosmos: Retention of Racial Minorities in STEM
Runner-Up: Big Little Books: Proposal to Increase Literacy Skills


First Place: Deep-diving into COVID Vaccination Drive

First Place: The Territorial GDM Research Initiative: A multi-tiered health research network for GDM surveillance in Canadian territories

Runner-Up: USupply+: A Program Proposal to Implement a National Global Value Chain Management System for Medical Supplies in the United States

Runner-Up: Addressing Over-policing in Healthcare and its Branching Effects on Clinical Research Inequality

Runner-Up: Healthcare Equity and Accessibility for Labor Migrants in Malaysia

All Research Proposals 

Please find links to view all 70+ research proposal submissions for the Researchathon of 2021 below.



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