Winning Research Proposals

Winning Research Proposals (Per Track)

First Place: From E-Waste to E-Treasure: Filling the Voids of the Circular Economy Through Establishing a Global E-Waste Ecosystem
Runner-Up: Feasibility of replacing gasoline-fueled vehicles with electric-powered ones in order to solve environmental problems 

First Place: Impact of Genetic Ancestry on Patient Care
Runner-Up: APA-STAT: Adapted Physical Activity for Sustainable: Teaching with Assistive Technology

Racial & Sociocultural Bias
First Place: Chanda’s Cosmos: Retention of Racial Minorities in STEM
Runner-Up: Big Little Books: Proposal to Increase Literacy Skills


First Place: Deep-diving into COVID Vaccination Drive

First Place: The Territorial GDM Research Initiative: A multi-tiered health research network for GDM surveillance in Canadian territories

Runner-Up: USupply+: A Program Proposal to Implement a National Global Value Chain Management System for Medical Supplies in the United States

Runner-Up: Addressing Over-policing in Healthcare and its Branching Effects on Clinical Research Inequality

Runner-Up: Healthcare Equity and Accessibility for Labor Migrants in Malaysia