My research program includes both theoretical and experimental work. My dissertation, titled The Linguistic and Conceptual Representation of Scalar Alternatives, presents a revised theory of scalar reasoning in which the source of scalar alternatives go beyond entailment-based scales.  

  • Theoretical Projects:
    • Semantics:
      • New insights on the likelihood scales of even (with Kathryn Davidson) 
      • Deriving one-sided number interpretations via scalar reasoning
      • Even and scalar only as two sides of the same coin
    • Syntax:
      • DO-support in Malayalam and its implications for the mapping between event/argument structure and morphosyntax
    • Phonology:
      • Against quantity-sensitive stress in Malayalam 
  • Experimental Projects 
    • Adult:
      • eye-tracking evidence for a subject-object asymmetry in the processing of only (with T. Levari, D. Hardenbergh & Jesse Snedeker)
    • Acquisition:
      • Investigating online-processing of subject- vs. object-only in 6-to-8 year olds (with J. Ziegler, E. Chalmers & Jesse Snedeker)
      • Investigating scalar representations of value in 10-12 month old infants (with Jesse Snedeker & Elizabeth Spelke)