Astronomy 2: Celestial Navigation



Location: Observatory D Building Phillips Auditorium
Meeting Time: Tu., 11:30-1:30, Tu., 7-10 pm

Never be lost again! Find your way on sea, land, or air by employing celestial and terrestrial techniques. Acquire expertise in using navigators' tools (sextant, compass, and charts) while learning the steps to the celestial dance of the sun, moon, stars, and planets. This 108-year-old course continues to rely on practical skills and collaborative problem-solving, while utilizing historical artifacts (instruments, maps, captains' logs) and student-built devices. Culminating in a day-...

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Astronomy 301: Scientists Teaching Science


Learn the secrets of lecturing well, leading discussions, connecting to real-world applications, and creating tests in any scientific discipline as we focus on relevant educational research and case studies, plus engage in practical classroom activities.
Note: Open to graduate students in all areas of science. Assignments help illustrate research findings from life, earth, and physical science education. Undergraduates with an interest in...
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