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I am a fifth-year Harvard mathematics Ph.D. candidate researching the evolution of cooperation, learning, and innovation. I am grateful to be advised by Joe Henrich of Harvard's Human Evolutionary Biology department (Culture, Cognition and Coevolution Lab). 

I am also grateful to Martin Nowak for advising me from AY2019-2020 spring to AY2020-2021 fall, and to Eric Maskin for advising me from AY2018-2019 fall to AY2019-2020 fall. Before that, I was an undergraduate studying math at Princeton University, where I was grateful to be advised by Peter Sarnak (senior thesis) and Manjul Bhargava (junior independent work).

In the spring semester of AY2021-2022, I will be teaching Math 99r: Mathematical Models of Behavioral Science. Students who are curious about how mathematical reasoning can be applied to better understand and improve the world would particularly find this class valuable.


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