The History of Feminism: Narratives of Gender, Race, and Rights





This class created an interactive timeline. We also did primary-source research and wrote contributions for the Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States (to be published 2020).  

Course description: Feminism has told a number of stories about its history, and they have influenced ideology and action alike. But stories are often simplified, or sanitized, for effect. What cultural work has been performed by narratives of difficulty and progress? What sorts of stories have proved ripe for co-optation? How can the past help us write a more equitable future? Themes include the fight for political and economic citizenship, from 1700s through 1990s, and the shifting terms in which it has been framed; the changing nature and regulation of family and domestic life; issues of control over the body and freedom of sexual expression; and the role of idealism and utopian visions.


  • Timeline Project WGS 1200