Economics 1036: The Psychology & Economics of Beliefs





Meets in M15 Littauer Center, 9.45 to 11.45 Wednesdays. The course size is limited, and will require my permission through an application process. If admitted, you'll also need to petition the course via my.harvard, but I won't approve a petition until you complete the application process described here. This application process is explained in this preliminary syllabus. It will also involve filling out either the pdf version or the word version and converting it to pdf, of this information sheet. After reading the preliminary syllabus, you are encouraged to e-mail me or sign up for a pre-semester Zoom meeting to discuss the course. To sign up please go to and follow the instructions. Please e-mail me if none of the slots are available (or if you need to talk before they are available).... Read more about Economics 1036: The Psychology & Economics of Beliefs