Economics 1036: The Psychology & Economics of Beliefs





This course will be offered next in the Spring 2022 semester.

Please note that the schedule (earlier listed for Fall 2021) has changed. The course size is limited and will require and application (in addition to the instructor permission that will be posted here in December or January. 

Economics 2035: Psychology and Economic Theory





The lecture time for the course is listed as Mondays, 3:00-5:45, and I will always be available (live) at that time, and additional times, each week. (This includes the special Harvard Monday of Wednesday, September 1). The exact structure of the course will be announced shortly, but will involve partially interactive notes online so that participants can (and must) work through the models at their own pace, with guidance provided online, and offline/in-person by me and others.If qualified students are interested in the course but cannot be available live on campus on this schedule, you may still be able to take the course but must contact me. 

Please read this past version of the course syllabus. the structure and details of the course will be different, but the overall material and level of the course will be the same, as will the prerequisites and other requirements to enroll. This is an advanced Economics Department PhD course and not meant for all interested in the topic. We failed to require formal consent of the instructor before registration but you must meet the requirements to take the course. Please read the past syllabus to learn about the course. 

If you are a Harvard Business Economics PhD student, or a Harvard, MIT, or Brown PhD student in Economics, or from an affiliated PhD program requiring comparable training, you can register for the course. However, you may still want to consut with me, and if you are in your first year of the program, you are strongly urged to do so. Harvard and MIT undergraduates with advanced training are permitted to take the course, but must talk with me. Nobody else, including visiting PhD students, can register for this course

After reading the past syllabus, you are encouraged to e-mail me or sign up for a pre-semester Zoom meeting to discuss the course. To sign up please go to and follow the instructions. Please e-mail me if none of the slots are available (or if you need to talk before they are available).