Office Hours

February 2021:

Updated February 1, 2021 (Gregorian) / 2459246.5 (Julian) / Day 12 After Trump (as if):

Remote Skype/Zoom Hours

Please feel free to sign up for these slots if you are in the Harvard PhD programs in Economics, Business Economics, PEG, or affiliated programs; in the MIT, NHH, U.C. Berkeley, or U.C. Salton Sea Economics PhD programs; any existing research advisee; a past student; or currently enrolled in 1036 or 2035. (Students in either course should feel free to sign up to discuss course topics, research ideas, and any broader concerns they may have, but students in 2035 interested in joining a "discussion session" should see separate instructions on canvas.) I also welcome meeting with other Harvard undergraduates in economics or related areas, or any students on campus, but prefer you to (a) read through the instructions on the link first, and (b) send me an email before signing up. If these instructions discourage you from signing up without talking to me first, or if you have urgent business and none of the appointments work, please send me an e-mail at Sign-up meetings are primarily for research advising and course office hours, but PhD students should feel free to sign up to discuss anything related to the program. The link to sign up for such slots is For new users of these sign-ups, please do read the instructions through, about how link, what kinds of files, etc. For veterans, please note that there are some changes to the procedure highlighted in the instructions for signing up.