Research in Progress

"Squaring Both Sides: An Essay on Methodology"

"An Experimental Test of Number Theory"

"The Economics of Tall Grass and Wildflowers: A Field Experiment"

"Reincarnation in An Overlapping-Generations Model"

"Is Behavioral Economics Becoming More Popular? Evidence from Trends in Mug Prices"

"String: Theory and Evidence"

"Are Numbers Divisible by 5? Evidence from the Number 65"

"A Model of Reference-Dependent Bibliographies"

"Can Run-On Sentences Be Shortened? A Digression-Discontinuity Approach"

"Total Insight Management: A Revolutionary New Approach to Academic Research"

"Econo-nomics: The Hidden Economic Forces Underlying Everyday Economic Behavior."

"Do Bags of Mini-Carrots Get Really Gross After Months of Lying Underneath Piles of Paper? Evidence from Cleaning My Office"

"Is this Title Complete? Evidence from"

"Yardstick Competition Among Sadistic Teachers"

"Are Things Deterministic? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment"

"Are We What We Eat? Evidence from Cannibal Societies"

"Peak-Load Pricing During Hyperinflation"

"Do Paper Titles Have Questions In Them? Evidence from the Previous Sentence"

"Do People Punctuate Correctly. Theory and Evidence;"

"The Equity Premium Puzzle and Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: An Equivalence Theorem"

"Are Pajamas Safe? Evidence from Flannel Data"