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Total Insight Management: A Revolutionary New Approach to Academic Research

Econo-nomics: The Hidden Economic Forces Underlying Everyday Economic Behavior

How to Prepare Yourself for the Next Big Real Business Cycle


Articles in Progress

"Are Things Deterministic? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment"

"Reincarnation in An Overlapping-Generations Model"

"A Model of Reference-Dependent Bibliographies"

"Should I use My Whole Abstract to Describe Content that Readers Will Deem Important, or Should my Abstract Instead Use Space to Tell Readers That the Paper's Content is Super Important? Evidence from the Last Sentence of the Abstract"
"Squaring Both Sides: An Essay on Methodology"
"Are We What We Eat? Evidence from Cannibal Societies"
"The Equity Premium Puzzle and Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: An Equivalence Theorem"

"Yardstick Competition among Sadistic Teachers"

"Thank God There is No Evidence of What Horrible, Horrible Thoughts I Have! Wait -- Did I Just Write That Out?" 
"You Wouldn't Believe What's in Section 3 of This Paper!"

"Do Paper Titles Have Questions in Them? Evidence from the Previous Sentence"

"Redefine Satirical Significance: No Single Person Should Be More Than .005 of a Paper's Authors" [Joint with All Empirical Researchers in the World] 

"Peak-Load Pricing during Hyperinflation" [Joint with Simon Johnson]

"Is This Title Complete? Evidence from"
"Can Run-On Sentences Be Shortened? A Digression-Discontinuity Approach"
"Whoa ... What If, Like, None of Us Actually Exist --- We Only Dream We Exist? Evidence from Marijuana Legalization"
"Characterizing Insults Using Axiomatic Derision Theory"
"Is Behavioral Economics Becoming More Popular? Evidence from Trends in Mug Prices"
"Infomercials: A Bassomatic Approach"

"Are Numbers Divisible by 5? Evidence from the Number 65"
"String: Theory and Evidence"

"Saving (Using) Words (Parentheses) and Increasing (Decreasing) Parentheses (Words) to Make a Sentence Difficult to Read, Even When The Main (Shadow) Sentence Means the Same Damned (Friggin) Thing as the Shadow (Main) Sentence: Could (Do, Could) Writers (Readers, Editors) Indulge (Need to Suffer, Please) Themselves (Any, Do Their Jobs) Less (More, Better) to Save Effort for Readers (Editors, Writers) and Editors (Writers, Readers), Respectively, Especially Since We Could Save More Space if it is So Precious Just by Nixing the Pointless 'Respectively' ('Respectively', 'Respectively') at the End of Every Friggin (Damned, Blasted) List?"
"Are Pajamas Safe? Evidence from Flannel Data"

"Oh My God!! What Is that Thing Sneaking up Behind you?!?! Evidence from Turning Around"
"An Experimental Test of Number Theory"

"Evidence of Evolution: Real, or Selection Bias?"
"Do Bags of Mini-Carrots Get Really Gross After Months of Lying underneath Piles of Paper? Evidence from Cleaning My Office"

"The Economics of Tall Grass and Wildflowers: A Field Experiment"

"Do People Punctuate Correctly. Theory and Evidence;"
"Do Coauthors Like it When You Continue to Come up with Titles for 'Research in Progress' Rather Than, Say, Make Progress on Research? Evidence from Even a Rudimentary Theory of Mind"