Onomichi II: Island Hopping || 尾道II:島巡り

Onomichi I: Downtown City || 尾道I:ダウンタウンシティ

Explore Onomichi City, the "Little Kyoto of the West"! 

Thinking about your next getaway to relax next to the ocean with lush nature, beautiful islands, friendly locals, historical culture, and flavorful...

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East Nakasendo || 東中山道

Travel off the beaten track and explore feudal Japan’s history with the Nakasendo Way!


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Akita Dogs || 秋田犬

Odate is said to be the birthplace of the Akita Dog 



I recently travelled to Akita Prefecture for a farm stay program organized by the Odate Cultural Activity...

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Odate Farm Stay || 大館市農家民宿

Farm Stay Experience in Odate City! 

With the rising phenomenon of “green tourism” in Japan, small remote towns have drawn more attention as getaway destinations for harried...

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Sake Making at Tamagawa Brewery || 玉川酒蔵で酒造り


Many of you will know about sake and may even be avid sake-drinkers, but have you ever wondered about the process of sake brewing or perhaps even trying to make your own sake first-hand...

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Wasabi Growing in Okutama || 奥多摩のワサビ

Yoshinoya Farm Fukushima || 吉野家ファーム福島

My latest trip around Japan was to visit Fukushima and explore the agricultural industry there. To many Japanese, Fukushima is known as the “Fruit Kingdom” because of its many seasonal fruits. Peaches are the most famous,...

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