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Tokyo University TV Lecture on Academic Presentations in English


I made my debut on Tokyo University TV!





UTokyo TV (todai.tv) provides videos of extension courses and lectures at various events offered by the University of Tokyo. The University of Tokyo is a place where new knowledge is produced every day and where an enormous volume of knowledge from all over the world intersects. As one of Japan’s leading university, UTokyo TV offers a platform that encourages all those who want to acquire knowledge.





Watch my debut videos here: 






It was a really fun project working with the English department at the Komaba campus of Tokyo University. I acted in the role of “Professor” to deliver a lecture on Academic Presentations for first-year students in the ALESS and ALESA Programs.


東京大学駒場キャンパスの英語学科と協力して制作した本当に楽しいプロジェクトでした。 私はALESSおよびALESAプログラムの1年生のためのAcademic Presentations(学術発表)について議論するために「教授」の役割を果たしました。




In this academic presentation video series, I provide a guide to students on how to create and deliver presentations in 1) the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as 2) the Natural Sciences. The videos introduce and demonstrate some tools that can be used to make academic presentations over four chapters: content and organization, delivery, visual aids, and audience engagement.







Although designed specifically as a teaching material for first-year students at the University of Tokyo, the topics covered in each video address general issues to keep in mind when preparing for an academic presentation. Hopefully they will be helpful for many students to make their own successful presentations!


東京大学の1年生のための教材として特別に制作されていますが、各ビデオでカバーされたトピックは学術発表の準備をするときに覚えておくべき一般的な問題を扱います。 うまくいけば、学生たち自身のプレゼンテーション技術を向上させるために、役立つでしょう!

皆様 ご興味があれば、ぜひ東大TVの研究・教育活動から生まれた多数のコレクションを、ぜひご自身の学びにご活用ください!




Academic Presentations for Natural Sciences



Academic Presentations for Humanities and Social Sciences


Some Behind-The-Scenes photos from the filming!



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