Arakawa Cycling Road || 荒川サイクリングロード

Ride to Happiness on the Arakawa Cycling Road!

Looking for a great place to relax away from traffic lights and congested streets? The Arakawa Cycling Road, which runs along the bank of the Arakawa River for more than 80 kilometers, is the perfect getaway. Stretching from Kasai Seaside Park near Tokyo Bay to the Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park in Saitama Prefecture, the route passes through spectacular scenery and appealing attractions. It is ideal for families with kids looking to enjoy a day out, couples or friends who want to explore a different side of Tokyo, and avid cycling enthusiasts training for their next race.



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“Life in Tokyo” is a web portal run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the aim to support foreign residents in the city.

Articles are written in both English and Japanese.

My latest article is about my trip to the Arakawa Cycling Road




新しい記事を「Life in Tokyo」のウェッブサイトに書きました!

東京都庁が運営する「Life in Tokyo」というウェブサイトのために記事を書きました!
Life in Tokyo」は、日本在住の外国人をサポートするための、生活情報サイトです。


Life in Tokyo」は、日本在住の外国人をサポートするための、生活情報サイトです。






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