ArtBar アートバー


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Went to the ArtBar studio in Daikanyama recently for a painting session on “Greek Islands: Santorini”! Painting themes change every session~ The philosophy of “Paint & Sip” is brought to Tokyo from New York and emphasizes having fun painting while sipping wine. Free flow wine, soft drinks, and snacks are included in the lesson fee! (Although you are allowed to bring your own wine as well, which is what I did~) I have not painted for a very long time since art class in school, and was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to complete a full painting in 2 hours, but it turned out alright (or so I think - check out the photos)!

Really great fun for an afternoon or evening activity with friends~ Parents can also come with their children to paint together! 

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Artbarは、ウェブサイトによると、「ニューヨークをはじめ全米で流行している絵画教室×ワインをコンセプトにした大人の充実したアクティビティイベント、Paint & Sip にインスパイアを受け2015年東京の代官山ではじまりました。」


The philosophy of Artbar is "0% Judgement. 100% Fun" where the more you drink, the more you are able to create a unique, wonderful painting! =D




In process of painting my Santorini masterpiece~ ;P Lessons are conducted in both English and Japanese. Initially, I was really worried about whether I would actually be able to complete a (decent) painting without any experience, but it turned out better than I expected (I think!)

午後にはリラックスした雰囲気の中で、ワイングラスを片手にレッスンを受けながら絵を描き、交流できるという会です。 本当にワインを飲みながら優雅な時間を過ごしました~ すごく癒されましたー!

Painting with wine in hand! ^^ The lesson fee includes free flow wines and some snacks, but you can also bring your own (which is what I did)!



私、昔はよく描いてたんです。今までも美術館が大好きですよ~ だから、今回このアートバーで久しぶりにまた絵を描く機会が得られて、懐かしい感じで気持ちが若返りました

Ta-da! My finished painting~ (ホラ!見て~私の描いた絵よ!)描いた絵はお持ち帰りできますよ