Clam Digging || 潮干狩り

May and June are the most popular months of the year to go clam digging (潮干狩り, shiohigari ) in Japan. You may think that clam digging itself is not so special, but “clam digging” is seriously an important keyword in Japanese society and history! I was very surprised by the extent to which the Japanese people love clam digging as a family activity! It also appears to get significant news coverage every year.




Haneda beach in Chiba Prefecture is full of people digging for clams



I organized a group of friends to try out clam digging in Chiba prefecture (apparently the area with greatest number of famous beaches for clam digging near Tokyo). Check out photos, tips, and our full itinerary below~


Heading out to our clam digging adventure!




Many Japanese families are well equipped with full wading gear, tents, picnic lunches and even more when they hit the muddy beaches for clam digging. However, most beaches are well equipped to provide visitors with rental buckets (200-500 JPY), net bags (~200 JPY), digging rakes (200-500 JPY), and even hats and sandals if you just show up without any gear!





Starting to dig for clams. 潮干狩りが始まります~~

Finding clams! アサリを見つけました!

 Tips for Clam Digging

1.       Dig in the shallow water areas – clams from that area will have less sand inside.

2.       Do not pick up clams that are lying on top of the sand. Healthy clams hide down under the sand.

3.       You do not need to dig very deeply, only about 5-15 cms

4.       Clams tend to congregate together so if you are digging and not finding any clams pretty quickly, move to a new spot (you should be able to find a lot in one spot).




1. 浅瀬(あさせ)を掘る - その地域の貝は砂が少なくて済みます。
2. 砂の上に横たわっている貝を拾わないでください。 健康な貝は、深く砂の中にいます。
3. 深く掘る必要はなく、約5-15 cmまでで十分です

4. 貝は一緒に集まる傾向がありますので、掘っていて、貝をすぐに見つけられないならば、新しい場所に移動するのがオススメです(そうすると1つの場所で多くを見つけることができるはずです)。


Ta-da! The result of my hard work – filling up a 2kg net of clams!

ほらー!私の大変な仕事の結果 - 2kgの貝で網がいっぱいになりました!





Ended the day off with an onsen theme park at Mikazuki (half moon) hotel. Highly recommended as they also have water slides and many different hot spring pools for you to soak in (*swimsuits required for the outdoor hot spring theme park*)!